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Dan Cooper of Cooper Arms is backing Obama.

Cooper said he voted for George W. Bush in 2000, having voted in past elections for every Republican presidential nominee back to Richard Nixon. In October 1992, he presented a specially made rifle to the first President. Bush during a Billings campaign event.

This year, Cooper has given $3,300 to the campaign of Democrat Barack Obama. That’s on top of the $1,000 check he wrote to Obama’s U.S. Senate campaign in 2004, after he was dazzled by Obama’s speech at that year’s Democratic National Convention.

This needs to get around.  Gun owners need to know which companies sell their interests down the river.  Here’s contact info for Cooper Firearms.  I would talk to them, and be sure they know Obama’s record, why you’re not voting for him, and why you’ll never buy one of their products.

Hat tip to Blog O’ Stuff, who passed this along to me.

UPDATE: Cooper Arms has updated their home page with a statement.  It does not hold water, in my opinion.

UPDATE: The Board of Directors and Employees Cooper Firearms of Montana has asked Dan Cooper to step down as CEO.  This was the correct move for Cooper Arms to undertake.  I’m satisfied with it, provided there is follow through.

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  1. Well, that’s not the only reason I’d never buy their products…. too spendy. They also have a lousy website.

    Cooper said he was supporting Obama, “because the Republican Party has moved so far right in recent years.” Funny, I thought the Republican Party has moved too far left in recent years… at least on issues I care about.

    But Cooper’s custom rifles are the types of guns Obama wouldn’t (immediately) try to ban: hunting guns that the average citizen can’t afford. They actually kinda fit in rather well with his elitist attitude. If Obama were a gun owner, he’s probably own a Cooper rifle.

  2. That might be true, but there are a lot of gun owners who have money for this kind of thing, who also care deeply about preserving the Second Amendment for everyone, not just people who have the money to buy his rifles. If he wants to be an elitist gun manufacturer, that’s his right as a businessmen, but it’s also my right to make sure that gun owners who have money to buy his rifles know he’s selling the Second Amendment down the river.

  3. I wasn’t saying that Cooper shouldn’t be held accountable by the market… of course he should. It is the job of everyone who cares about the second amendment to make sure the market supports our rights.

    I just find it telling that someone who makes fancy-shmancy guns would also support such an elitist. He is making it abundantly clear that he wouldn’t want my money even if I was in the market for a custom rifle.

    Good thing it isn’t hard to find custom gun makers who actually support the right to keep and bear arms.

  4. Well, I sent off my letter to the President of Cooper Firearms. I cc’ed you on that Sebastian.

  5. They’ll come for him last alright: As a maker of “high powered sniper rifles that can pierce body armor”. And he’ll have gotten exactly what he deserved. If you give money to the enemy, don’t be surprised if they use your money to pay for your demise.

    Just made a choice easy for me when it comes to supplementing/replacing my M96 Swede sporter. It won’t be one of his guns and when that time comes, I will have the money to afford such things.

  6. “but there are a lot of gun owners who have money for this kind of thing, who also care deeply about preserving the Second Amendment for everyone, not just people who have the money to buy his rifles.”

    Yep. There are many who can’t afford to buy Ronnie Barrett’s M82A1s too, but he’s a passionate defender of the 2A. I’d bet the cost of one that he hasn’t donated one red cent to Obama or anyone like him.

  7. My biggest problem is that I am not planning on purchasing a custom rifle any time soon (and even then, I have inside connections to get them for much cheaper), so I can’t punish Cooper via the market.

    I can ensure that I get the word out though.

  8. Robb,

    Within a couple years, I will have the money to purchase a Barrett and $1500 isn’t out of the realm of reasonable for a good target rifle. It would take that time to save the funds but doable.

    When that time comes, I will purchase a Barrett .50. Not because they are the cheapest .50s out there (many are half the cost of a Barrett) but because of Barrett’s stance towards 2A rights. Goodwill has a value and I would very much like to reward Barrett for his principled stance. I have communicated that to Barrett and I will do so again when I make my purchase and tell them why they sold a .50 caliber single shot rifle to my FFL. They will know why they have a sale on their books.

    I’m not in the market right now for a Cooper type rifle but I will be in the next year or two and I will remember this. I have no difficulty saying to his company, “Here’s a future sale you just lost. One of your competitors is getting my money instead. And here’s why.”. I am still voting with my dollars. Enough people do that, Cooper will be wondering why his sales are down 10-20% (or more, I can hope) in the next few years. In a niche market like this with so much competition, it doesn’t take much to get someone’s attention.

    The question is whether Cooper will make the connection between his lowered sales and the outrage over him selling out his customers. Perhaps he’ll get to know what it is like to be collaborator.

    I hope his profits become distant memories.

  9. “I can ensure that I get the word out though.”

    And by the nature of your blog, you can help get word out to folks who might go strolling for information on his rifles in the future. They may learn about his activities and decide they can find another suitable rifle.

  10. Bitter, you mean like how when I complained about American Signature Furniture and their requirement that their customers be easy victims how it, for a long time, was the second hit on a Google search (I’ve fallen to the 2nd page, recently)?

    Because our blogs have a nasty habit of popping up towards the top of search engines. Mr. Cooper is going to be in for a rough surprise if he makes any of his money off of people searching through the Internet.

  11. I’ve sent Cooper Arms an e-mail as well and posted it on my blog. I hope many shooters and future shooters will communicate their displeasure through their words and dollars to this company.

  12. Stupid motherf*cker probably thinks his rifles are safe b/c they aren’t black. Well guess what they will put Cooper out of business even quicker than someone like Ronnie Barrett. Barrett has .mil contracts to fall back on if the civilian market becomes untenable, Cooper has nothing. In short, if he get’s what he wants he’s f*cked and deserves it.

    Sorry I REALLY get fired up when gun companies are anti-gun. Frankly, it makes me madder than hell.

  13. I’m already on the top of page #2 on Google for “Cooper Firearms”, and by tomorrow our stories will push even higher.

    If he’s yanking our chain with his disclaimer, I’m going full bore.

  14. My email to Cooper Firearms:

    re: Ain’t buying your excuses or your firearms

    Dear Collectivist Lackeys,

    Here’s to let you know that, regardless of your attempt to distance yourselves from your warm embrace of the most anti-firearm presidential candidate in the history of this country, it won’t wash and it won’t wear. Lenin said that the capitalists would sell them the rope by which the Bolsheviks would hang them. He wasn’t wrong, as we see from your cynical boot-licking of the present standard bearer of the Marxist brand.

    Your endorsement of the man who will strip you of your firearms rights merely means that you will be among the last to be herded onto the boxcars — a dubious distinction at best.

    As for me, I am going to encourage all my shooting buddies to boycott you boot-licking jerks. You thought Smith and Wesson had troubles? Of course, maybe you’re counting on government contracts to offset the outrage? Selling out your birthright for a mess of pottage is not new in history. It is however almost universally despised and for good reason. Enjoy your 15 seconds of Democrat Socialist fame. In the end, it will buy you nothing.

    Mike Vanderboegh
    Pinson, AL

  15. It shows he donated to BHO on 8/16/08. I see nothing about McCain. Sounds like he is Damage Control Mode.

  16. You must realize, at least on a deep internal level, that you are all lunatics.

  17. and you must realize that having principle is something you must not be capable of. What a pussy.

  18. look up “cognitive dissonance”…maybe it will help you understand what you’re feeling.

  19. John C, what in the hell are you talking about? Did you get a pocket guide to psychology and just wanted to use some terms you glossed over while taking a shit or something? Seriously.

    Let’s say that eating meat had been under attack from the vegetarian-wing and that Obama had stated on many occasions that he would outlaw meat and a cattle farmer decided to go public with his support.

    But, alas, I’m crazy because I don’t view the world exactly as John Clayton, internet MD, thinks I should.

  20. I won’t pretend to know Mr. Cooper’s motives for supporting an anti 2nd amendment candidate nor do I even care to know, as that matters nil. All I do know is that he did/does and the response from whomever deals with this type of fiasco has tried to lie their way out of this, that is ALL I need to know. There are too many gun manufacturers that share my beliefs to be concerned with the ones who obviously do not.

  21. >…But, alas, I’m crazy because I don’t view the world exactly as John Clayton, >internet MD, thinks I should.

    I just stumbled on this site when I went to Cooper Arms to order a .223, and was astounded by the level of paranoia and fear.

    1) Cooper is a small business owner, an innovative designer and craftsman…shouldn’t he be permitted to make political contributions to whomever he chooses?
    2) Obama has not taken an adverse position on gun control.
    3) My guess is, as a physician, that the level of fear and hatred in this thread has a different origin. Uh, could it be that Obama is black?

    And yes, FYI, I am a gun owner, I am a hunter, I eat what I shoot. I am a retired USAF medical officer.

  22. John:

    Obama has voted to ban .223 ammunition. He’s voted to raise the taxes on what ammunition is left unbanned by 500%. He’s said he supports a comprehensive ban on handguns and semi-automatic firearms.

    This this fear and paranoia? Or does Obama have a serious problem on the gun issue? He’s a politician. Don’t tell me what he’s saying now to get elected. Talk to me about what his record is.

  23. John,

    1) Nobody here has even REMOTELY stated that he shouldn’t be allowed to donate and support who he wants. Project much? All we are saying is that we will take our business elsewhere because of our positions.
    2) For a doctor, you’re not very observant. I hope you took better care at examining your patients symptoms than you do picking your politicians. Obama’s record is well known to not be gun friendly. In fact, show me ONE area of support he’s ever provided for us gun owners.
    3) Nice try, but we’re not all white here so you might want to take your projection elsewhere. Yelling “RACISTS!!!!!” is the argument of someone who has no argument.

  24. I’m curious, what can you name, other than lip service, that Obama has done to support the Second Amendment? The people that have worked with him on the issue in IL say he’s terrible on the issue. We have documented evidence that he’s worked very hard to destroy the Second Amendment entirely. And then there’s his votes to keep self-defense in the home with a firearm a criminal offense. Let’s also not forget Obama’s thuggish treats against the National Rifle Association.

  25. Dr. Clayton

    I totally support your position that Mr. Cooper may spend his money as he chooses, and support whichever candidate he fee best represents his personal beliefs. I have in the past (USAF 1972-1978 ), and will if the need arise in the future go in harms way to protect that right. HOWEVER, I will not spend one penny with his firm knowing that the profits generated enable him to support a candidate I totally distrust with the security of our nation. Jimmy Carter raped the US armed services to pay for his social agenda. Ronnie Regan spent far more than he would have needed to normally to bring the military back to a functional state. Bill Clinton picked up where Jimmy left off, and again reamed the military budget. Every democrat since LBJ took from the military to pay for their social agenda. I believe the current democrat is absolutely no different. He promises to reduce our taxes, and at the same time improve government services and entitlements. WHERE WILL THE MONEY COME FROM? I believe from our Military budget. I will NEVER BUY ANYTHING from Cooper knowing their donations supported a philosophy which may will responsible for compromising my sons ability to do his job as a current member of the 101’st Division. I don’t care if Obama were Green, Purple, Pink, or even a blond blue-eyed arian. I have not spent a penny on Volkswagen products because of their support of politicians whose ideology devastated Europe, and a good part of the rest of the world.
    I vote two ways!
    I vote at the ballot box once a year.
    I vote at the cash register every day.

    I hope every person of conviction does the same.

  26. OOOps, I just noticed I left the quotation marks off “Dr.” in my last post

  27. Okay, you convinced me…I’m buying the Jackson Varminter in .223 Rem… those woodchucks are history!

  28. .223 Remington is a bit much for a woodchuck, don’t you think? I would suggest .22 Hornet for that application if you really want a center fire. But really, a rimfire cartridge is fine for woodchucks. .17HMR, .22LR, .22WMR.

  29. The .223 is a perfect chuck round, especially if you try’em at 200+. Sebastian I can’t speak for the chucks in your neighborhood, but I’ve popped some that push 20 pounds. Definitely NOT rimfire sized (beyond 50 yards or so), and head shots only.

    John, glad you’ve been convinced. The good senator from Chicago is the most vociferous anti-gun candidate of all time. That he is weasily enough to try now to obscure that fact makes him all the more dangerous.

    I’m with the others here, best of luck to Mr. Cooper, he has every right to support whomever he pleases. He just won’t do it with my money.

  30. John – So no pointers to where I can find Obama’s stellar support for gun rights?

    Seriously. Do it. I’ll vote for him if you can provide me irrefutable proof of his longstanding support for firearms.

  31. Dr. Clayton

    You going to need to buy several of each caliber and get all of your pro-gun/Obama supporters (that just doen’t even sound right, does it?) to do the same to keep that outfit running.

  32. Didn’t the National Rifleman run a back cover where the Wanabe VP (Mr. Biden) takes a point of pride on either co authoring or co sponsoring the Brady bill?

  33. J. Clayton ……….. Your lips firmly planted
    on your African God’s ass!
    Take a serious look at your “Messiah’s”
    gun voting record. Hell, Cooper aligns
    himself with Obama’s communism.
    I doubt this troll is even a Dr.
    Oh wait,……He might be, Doesn’t most of
    the medical profession throw their support
    for anti-gun causes.

  34. Your lips firmly planted on your African God’s ass!

    Can we leave race out of this please, Sam? It’s not a relevant issue here, and it shouldn’t be in the presidential race.

  35. There are many traitors to the gun rights movement in this country. How many Target shooters, collectors, hunters, and the many various competition participants vote democratic?? There is no question what-so-ever that the democratic party is nothing more than institutionalized treason in America. Not that the republican party does not have it’s share also, but my goodness, compare and contrast and you will see where the blame lies, DEMOCRATS.
    The democratic party USED to be a proud defender of constitutional rights, President Kennedy was a life member of the NRA, but look at it now. It is so very sad to see our country being destroyed from within by these traitors.

  36. To: Cooper Firearms Co.

    We here in Canada look on the firearms “fraternity” recent drive by shooting of Dan Cooper and the Cooper Firearms Co. as pretty pathetic and down right dangerous. I hope you survive.

    Suffice it to say that had you retained Dan Cooper within the company, I would have been more than likely to buy one of your firearms.

    Mob rule. Close your eyes and take a careful aim. Why is it that the most complicated issues in America are inevitably reduced to polar opposites? No room for discussion?

    We pray for you guys …

    a friend from North of the Border – RvW

  37. RvW, how quaint! I’m betting they’re calling up Dan right now and begging him to come back so some Canadian who barely is allowed by his masters to even think of owning a firearm *might* purchase one.

    Instead, thousands of people who actually had an interest in their wares decided to go with another company instead (we call this the free market, not ‘mob rule’. Some people call ‘mob rule’ democracy). Nobody went and dug up Dan’s tax liens. Nobody tried to find ‘dirt’ on Dan to discredit him. All we did was call up the fact that he is supporting someone who’d prefer to see private gun ownership abolished and those who disagree with that took their business elsewhere.

    That’s not mob rule, that’s not silencing his speech. If you want to see a good illustration of that, go look at what happened to Joe the Plumber just for asking Obama a hard question.

  38. So, Rob — got all those long guns registered yet? Don’t presume to tell Americans how to defend their right ot keep and bear arms. Whatever you did in Canada pretty clearly didn’t work.

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