Age Limits

This is why I get so pissy at anti-gun groups.  Via Murdoc:

In response to this tragedy, Freedom States Alliance (FSA), a national coalition of gun violence prevention groups along with the New England Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence (NECPGV), are calling for legislation to be passed immediately that would require that no child under the age of 18-years-old be allowed to use or operate any fully automatic machine gun, or semi-automatic assault weapon under any circumstances including at a “machine gun shoot,” shooting competition or firearm demonstration.

That’s absolute bullshit, especially since so-called assault weapons are common in competition shooting, and there’s absolutely nothing dangerous about junior shooters using them.  This tragedy was entirely a function of the firearm in question being a machine pistol.  But these groups are not beyond using a tragedy to try to get whatever they can while people are in hysterics.  Getting to outlaw junior service rifle competition is just icing on the cake to these folks.

6 thoughts on “Age Limits”

  1. We knew that proposal was coming, sure as turds and taxes.

    We need strict scrutiny on these matters, and we need it right away!!

  2. Doesn’t anyone of these anti-gun idiots realize that this was an accident !!

  3. If anyone had said this was a “knee-jerk” reaction, he’d be half-right. Or would that be half-left?

  4. Gibcity – to some people, accidents simply define a lack of legislation/regulation/restriction.

    Just the other day, I tripped on a side-walk crack. Was thinking there need to be warning signs every 5 feet and that we ought to pass laws to hold concrete companies liable for their dangerous product.

  5. Meh, I’m cynical.
    I think this was a blatant attempt to use the natural, emotional reaction of a generally gun-apathetic population, in order to sneak in a BAN on young shooters firing SEMI- autos, which might not have otherwise passed the ‘reasonable’ test with those folks.
    Of course, I’m of the heartless, knuckledragging Neanderthal variety of human, as evidenced by the fact that I have no objection to kids of any age shooting machine guns, so long as they are PROPERLY supervised and demonstrate a minimal level of competence.

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