Toasting the PLO

Bruce links to a piece by Newsbusters that suggests the LA Times is sitting on a video of Barack Obama toasting Palistine Liberation Organization operative Rashid Khalidi at an Israel-bashing party with Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn.  One wonders whether Khalidi is just another guy in Mr. Obama’s Neighborhood.

3 thoughts on “Toasting the PLO”

  1. Mr. Obama’s Neighborhood

    You know, Chicago has some real problems when even their upscale neighborhood is filled with terrorists and felons.

  2. So? There could be video of Obama water-boarding naked orphans and nobody will care. The media has managed to completely hide the true Obama from the populace and, already buying into the hype, most people are not going to look at any damning evidence against him.

    Even with all this, McCain polls closer than I’d have thought he could under such lies. If McCain doesn’t lose by a landslide, I might have a little hope left for our country, but if media’s ploy works, and Obama wins by double digits, I fear there is no turning back. The media will have realized it CAN do whatever it wants and that the populace is too stupid or just doesn’t care enough to stop them.

  3. It is October, but I am not surprised (that might be as good as it gets).

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