Article from August 2001 on Ayers

This is an article written more than seven years ago about William Ayers.  I don’t find Obama and his supporter’s deflections on this issue comforting.  If McCain, it turned out, had worked closely with David Duke, and launched his political campaign from his home, would that not be some cause for concern?  If one of my neighbors did the kind of crap Ayers is responsible for, do you think I’d ever set foot in his home, or talk to him?  The fact that Bill Ayers isn’t a pariah says a lot about Chicago high society and academia today, and is the main reason I won’t elect a president who rose through that system, no matter how much he claims his hands are clean.

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3 thoughts on “Article from August 2001 on Ayers”

  1. Substitute David Duke for Tim McVeigh or Terry Nichols. The latter two actually detonated bombs against “an oppressive government” like Ayers did. The former is an asshole who hates people that aren’t like him–but he’s never killed anyone for disagreeing with him, as far as I know.

  2. +1 Turds like Jadegold and Michael Moore always like to bring up McVeigh and Nichols NRA membership as if its relevant…yet somehow this isn’t?

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