Why We Arm Ourselves

If you really want to know why the Second Amendemnt really exists, it’s because the people described here do:


We’re about to possibly elect a president from a political culture who believes Bill Ayers is “no big deal.”  Just keep that in mind as we head into November.

8 thoughts on “Why We Arm Ourselves”

  1. what is the url for the video? My web browser is being cranky and refusing to show the video :( (This actually happens a lot when you embed videos for some reason.)

  2. We haven’t seen a real derangement syndrome yet – BDS is nothing compared to vindictive Democrat derangement syndrome…

  3. If I were in that room with those 25 people, I would shortly be in another with 1-2 people who have degrees from the police academy…

  4. Chilling.
    These people were really setting the stage (in their minds, at least) for a mass, multi-national communist invasion of the United States?
    I’d have to believe, even in that time and place, that their 25 million estimate was ridiculously low. Then as now, I don’t think the radical, pro commie, college- overeducated rabble really know how BIG this country is, nor how many small towns there are out there in ‘flyover country’, filled with hardworking, iron-willed, cantankerous folks, many MANY of whom have firearms and the will and training to use them.
    I am reminded of the Japanese adviser to the Emperor during the opening days of WWII, who described America as a “sleeping giant”. You don’t often hear from the ‘unwashed masses’, because they have better things to do with their lives than be media whores 24/7. They don’t protest and block traffic and wave signs with the introduction of every other bill in DC. But it doesn’t mean that they aren’t there, don’t hear or care what happens, or have infinite capacity to put up with bullshit, just because they have up ’til now.
    I’m gonna go out on a limb and predict that Obama will get his ass handed to him come election day. But even if he doesn’t, there sure are a hell of a lot of people with guns and stores of ammunition, and I don’t think they’re gonna put up with much more socialist bullshit from some self-styled messiah. God stay the day, but I think that, if it comes to that, Obama’s not gonna have the first fucking clue how to deal with it, either.

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