Careful Apple

Apple is donating 100 grand to a group opposing the anti-gay-marriage initiative, Proposition 8, on the ballot in California this election.  On this particular issue, I happen to agree with Apple, but I would be wary of a company that donates money to causes.  What happens when Apple donates 100 grand to oppose a ballot measure, say, recognizing the right to keep and bear arms in the California Constitution?  I would never buy another Apple product again, to be honest.

Smart corporations stay out of politics for a reason: it alienates people.  Apple should stick to making great products, and stay out of political fights.

6 thoughts on “Careful Apple”

  1. I agree but they almost have to support their gay employees or swear off any thing political. This is a huge issue in the Bay Area.

  2. So true. It’s just like celebrities doing it. I know I’ll never support certain celebrities again because of that.

  3. They should swear off anything political. The vast majority of Americans don’t support gay marriage. I think they are wrong about this, but if I were an Apple shareholder, I’d be furious that they were inserting themselves into a contentious political issue.

  4. I think Apple is on the right side of the issue itself. Now whether or not it was a good business decision is up for debate. They may have access to demographics that suggest gay people/liberals/libertarians are more likely to buy Apples and anti-gay-marriage folks only by PCs. I dunno. I will say this, though, $100 grand is a drop in the bucket for them, and I bet they at least get a lot of people talking about Apple computers and Apple as a company. Might be cheaper than advertising if they sway more people in their favor….

  5. I agree they are on the right side of this issue, but I think that companies getting involved in contentious political issues is bad for business. Unless you want to brand yourself that way. Ben and Jerry’s certainly did, and I would never buy the shit.

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