Some NYU students took over part of the school the other day.  The video is not to be believed.  By the end of the video, you’ll just be begging to see the NYPD come in and bash some skulls in.   Sadly, that does not happen.


Somehow I have to believe that even radicals like Bill Ayers have to be shaking their heads and wondering what the hell is wrong with kids today.

10 thoughts on “Pikers”

  1. I would think Ayers and friends would be overjoyed to see this – the new soviet man.

  2. If this is the new Soviet Man, Ayers’ ideals are in a lot of trouble. What I mean to say is, this is pathetic, even for the left. When Ayers was standing up to the man, he was setting off bombs and terrorizing the quiet countryside. These dorks are whining about consensus and not being able to talk to their friends. How the mighty have fallen.

  3. Even if Ayers went the student lounge takeover route for his “activism,” his very first demand would not have been not to be punished. Their demands were haphazard, and the first one was literally that they wouldn’t be disciplined. If they were truly devoted to any of the causes they claim to represent, that would not have been on the list of demands. They should have been willing to face consequences. That is when civil disobedience can be moving. (Not is, can be.)

  4. “Their demands were haphazard”

    “Rudderless” is the word I would use.

    Rudderless and angry. Perfect cannon fodder for a war fought with votes – votes cast by people who vote how they are told to by their “Elite”. Elites like Ayers for instance.

  5. “Devices of Force” That’s excellent. Whatta idiot.

    They ARE total douchebags. On they otherhand, I don’t agree that we should be looking for NYPD to crack skulls. They’re complete morons, but thankfully, morons get they’re own breathing air in this country.

    There seem to be plenty of politicians who think we’re morons for carrying concealed, and those people seem to be in charge these days…

  6. Can’t make a decision alone, can’t talk without using jargon, can’t talk without whining, paranoid.

    What a sad bunch of losers. Can you see why this type is a fraid of guns.

  7. From the video, on things that might be confiscated:

    “I don’t think they want water bottles… They prolly drink Corporate water…”

    “Clothes… I don’t think they want clothes, they wear suits…”


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