9 thoughts on “Prepare Your Heart to Fill With Hope”

  1. All I can say is …

    Goddamn! The Messiah has returned! Come my Brothers, let us bow down and worship.

    …sorry, Sisters, too.

  2. Sickening.

    It’s just the $#&* President. Our head representative!!!!!!

    He is not our “leader”. He doesn’t make the law of the land, he only is the chief executor of and holds the power to veto them. He cannot suspend our rights at will and even if he were to proclaim Freedom of Speech null and void, he has no power in and of himself to coerce you into silence.

    Only you can decide if you wish to follow him. And that’s what scares me the most. His followers are almost apoplectic with this notion that Obama is all that is needed to bring peace and happiness in the US.

    The blind fools don’t realize that power is in THEIR hands already and that nobody else can do it for them.

    It’s not Obama that scares me, it’s the mindless idiots who give the office he aspires to (one that, if he manages to stay in for 4 years will represent the longest he’s ever held a job without looking for another one!) so much weight and power that we actually have to care who gets in because there’s a lot of things they can screw up.

  3. Hmmm, didn’t the book of Revelations say a political leader would claim to be the second coming of Jesus? Then he enslaves the world, I’m just sayin’…

  4. Well Jim, not wanting to get off on a religious tangent, but in Revelations, this John fellow also claimed to see an angel descend from heaven (which is suspect), grabbing a dragon (whose existence is suspect), binding it up with a chain (which would seem quite the feat, if dragons even existed), and throwing it into a bottomless pit (which after thousands of years of human exploration still are not known to exist).

    And if that doesn’t cast doubt on the sanity of this John fellow, I still don’t think that Obama is claiming to be Jesus.

    Darned tin-foil hats.

  5. Calm down Carl, I was being slightly sarcastic.

    And before you start to rip the Bible to shreads, just remember, when you die, you will have your chance to prove all organized religion is a scam. No need to lobby against it right now.

    For someone trying to discredit the Bible, you sure know a lot about it…

  6. Jim, I do not seek to discredit the bible per se. But I seek the truth, which sometimes obliges the exposure and denouncement of delusional thinking … of the type evinced in your post. Thankfully, gun rights and gun control do not live or die by argumentation predicated upon supernatural assumptions. I said nothing about organized religion, scams, or “proving” anything (let alone after my death).

    Again, Obama is not claiming to be Jesus, even if some of his followers appear to view him as some sort of messiah (in a non-supernatural sense).

    I am sorry to have offended you, and sorry to have moved this post in the wrong direction.

  7. carl, you accuse me of “delusional thinking” and then apologize for offending me in the same post? Not sure what you are trying to accomplish with that.

    You still miss what I pointed out in my last post: I was being sarcastic, as in not serious.

    Please do not lecture me about truth when clearly you have an agenda when you refer to religion as “supernatural assumptions”.

  8. Post acknowledged, Jim.

    Since we appear to be talking past each other and certainly to no avail, I have no further comment. Best regards.

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