11% Still Think Obama is a Muslim

Apparently the trend that began with the campaign is continuing:

Only 48% correctly identify Obama as a Christian. Over a third of Americans (35%) say they do not know Obama’s religion, either because they do not know enough about him (22%), or because they have heard different things about his religion (13%); another 6% refused to answer.

Is Christian really the right answer?  I’m pretty sure I know who his messiah is.

9 thoughts on “11% Still Think Obama is a Muslim”

  1. The final link, which is almost perfect, nails the guy. Christianity has existed for 20 centuries, and has a very well established body of historical teachings based on a written text. The church the POTUS attended before moving to D.C. was one that a large majority of historical Christian churches would recognize as outside the historic faith and thus, not Christian. Most Americans today do not know what Christianity teaches, and are content to include under the name a variety of mutually exclusive beliefs ranging from LDS, Unitarian, Catholic, Word of Faith, Christian Identity, and Black Liberation among others.

    The reason I said your link was “almost” perfect? It begins with Marxism, but that doesn’t fully take into account the addition of the BHO twisted “social gospel” combined with an arrogant narcissism of stunning proportion. The man, like Hitler, is creating his own cult religion. Those who use the word Obamanism are more correct than they imagine.

  2. I would have a very hard time quantifying our glorious President as belonging to any recognized religion, apart from “secular humanist”…

  3. Just to be perverse, we don’t, from the poll, know if a majority can correctly identify his religion. All we know is that 48% will correctly identify, 46% fail at identifying correctly and 6% refuse to commit themselves either way. If that 6% is evenly split, than a majority _can_ correctly identify his religion.

    (yeah, I’m a bastard like that. I sort of look at it like an abstention.)

  4. I don’t understand the fascination as to speculation as to Mr. Obama’s “real beliefs”. Either reach a conclusion by observing his actions or give it up.
    I believe this poll, like many of their kin, to be slightly less a waste of time than watching American Idol. 99% of America might disagree with me, but what does that matter?

  5. Is Christian the right answer? Has Obama been to church since the inauguration? I’m a Christian – not an in-your-face Evangelical type – just a regular old Presbyterian who goes most Sundays. If I relocated to a new area for my job, I would sample the local churches and join one within a month or two. Even the Clinton’s did it in ’93.

    Given the recent “Islam is Great” apology tour of the Middle East and lack of church attendance, I’m not surprised people think he’s a Muslim or don’t know. I don’t know.

  6. Whether or not he goes to church does not determine whether he is a Christian or not. It defines whether he is a practicing Christian.

    LOTS of people identify as Christian that do not attend Church on a regular basis.

  7. Kathy, I agree. Given his personal and family history, Obama can accurately be labeled a non-practicing Christian and Muslim.

  8. He has Muslim roots, as far as his childhood schooling goes, and of course, he sat for twenty years in the Church of the Holy Hate Whitey. I believe that he will remake this country in the image of his real messiah, Karl Marx, with some Sharia law overtones. Christianity will be persecuted outright, and driven underground.

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