Good to Know I’m a Racist

This is simply unbelievable. This is from NPR’s Senior Development VP Ron Schiller:

And not just Islamophobic, but really xenophobic. I mean, basically, they are – they believe in sort of white, middle America, gun-toting … I mean, it’s pretty scary. They’re seriously racist.

Cut their funding… now.

19 thoughts on “Good to Know I’m a Racist”

  1. Funny part about it is that these so called elites love to throw around the word xenophobe while using it in the wrong context. Racist and xenophobe are the not the same thing.

    But, it’d good to know that I’m a racist xenophobe.

  2. Sebastian, Are you a Tea Party member or supporter or whatever they call it? What’s your beef with what he said? Is it too sweeping of a generalization?

    I don’t know how you feel but some of the pro-gun guys who comment on my blog seem to be saying there is no such thing as racism, especially among gun owners. The hear them describe it, you’d think you guys are real choir boys. Is that your position too?

  3. What is a Tea Party member? Do they issue cards? I’ve been to a few tea party rallies, as you can find on this blog if you search. I have not run into any overt racists at the four or so tea party events I’ve been to.

    I’m not going to deny that there isn’t racism out there. I get a lot of shit I would classify as either veiled racism or outright racism, particularly towards muslims, from what I call the “Boomersphere”.

    But you’ll find racism, intolerance, and anti-Semitism everywhere. Something Jesus said here is illuminating:

    How can you say to your brother, ‘Brother, let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when you yourself fail to see the plank in your own eye?

    In short, nobody gets a ticket out of human nature. What annoys me about many on the left is the conceit, not the acknowledgement that there’s racism out there. We all know that’s true.

  4. There is racism in every race. But I have never been one to go along. I hate racists, and I don’t tolerate it where I work or in my life. I am white, I have supported Tea Party Candidates and I happen to own guns. I do get offended when any person paints me with the broad brush. Isn’t that also racist?

    Go home and watch Grand Torino! Clint did it right!

    Don’t hate…

  5. The resort to accusations of racism, particularly when race is not the topic at hand, is getting tiresome.

    It’s just like they say about political debates: The first person to mention Hitler has lost the debate.

  6. mikeb: It is well know shooters are Racists!
    An article on a racist bunch of shooters in South Florida.

    A picture of the KKK members of that club

    The Grand Wizard pictured third from left just won High Senior Shooter at the IDPA Postal Match.
    We have several shades of Latinos, at least one chinese, ukranians, Jews, black, women, Liberals, conservatives, young, old and the idiot in the middle with the red bandana: me.

  7. Don’t feed the troll.
    Ron Schiller is a man who conducted the Cornell Chorale, Cornell Chorus and Cornell University Glee Club – and he bargains to accept money and to support Sharia, a legal system that would systematically behead most (gay) performers of such music.
    A man who compares the lack of Muslims on the air to the former lack of WOMEN on the air, is ready to receive shekels from an odious system that would send women back to ignominy and clothe them in sacks.
    And he calls conservatives as “fanatically involved in people’s personal lives and very fundamental”, while he prepares for himself a place among people who are even more-so, and who carry-out their personal belief-involvement at the point of a sword or rusty old knife.
    Even the most fundamental Christian busybody is a San Francisco Polk-Street queer libertine compared to Sharia followers.
    Except for the half of Sharia followers who hide under burkas and do it to each other.

  8. Schiller’s major problem is saying different things to different crowds, depending on whom he thinks is listening. That doesn’t work so well in the age of cell phone videos. Better to say what you mean and call b.s. when you disagree, regardless of who’s waving a check in your face.

  9. If racists were a race, at least some of us would be racists.

    (my point being that much of the discussion on this issue is downright silly)

  10. I am an American, but white, and I am often offended by these tax payer funded racist programs such as NPR, and affirmative actions [and other political driven welfare systems].

    Used to listen to NPR, for over 15 years. Finally had enough of their lack of reality based programming, their attack on any one on the right, their mockery of the deaths of 911, and utter disregard for the rights of other people. I stopped listening on radio as well as podcast.

    If they are so up right, why do they insist on stealing money from these “racists” to fund themselves anyway? What a bunch of crooks.

    Since they take money from tax payers, I demand an audit.

  11. EDIT:

    “I am an American, but not white.”

    Mistake on my part.

  12. Actually it’s totally believable.

    I mean seriously, who is really surprised that NPR is run by a bunch of sanctimonious lefty elitists who look down their Marxist noses at the rest of us in between sips of Chardonnay?

  13. Bottom line:
    There be a Blackman in the Whitehouse.
    That is all that matters to way too many folks.
    Predend all you want otherwise.

  14. “Something Jesus said here is illuminating” should have probably been “Something Jesus said is illuminating here.” The former implies Jesus said that here, and as much as I’d be thrilled if the messiah were commenting on my blog, I’m going to wager he has better things to do, like preparing for the apocalypse we all know is coming in 2012.

  15. You know, I use to like “Science Friday”, before it became pseudo science. It use to be about string theory. Now it’s about why your fat kid is sad. :( buh bye…

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