We Know Obama Won’t Peresonally Take Them

Robb has a good post up refuting the arguments to all the Obamatons that been coming around telling us how crazy we are for thinking Barack Obama is going to take our guns.  One other thing I would add is that being able to own a gun doesn’t matter much if you have no where left to buy them, and nowhere left the shoot them.  Without gun shops and ranges, it’s a hunk of steel rusting in a closet.  The gun culture will be extinct within a generation.  They won’t have to come door-to-door.  People will get rid of them because there’s nothing left to support the gun culture.  Obama knows this, and he’ll probably keep his promise not to send the .gov around to confiscate your guns.  But he also knows he can destroy us without doing that.

7 thoughts on “We Know Obama Won’t Peresonally Take Them”

  1. Which is all the more reason for those arch-conservatives that hate McCain (and I am one of you) to vote for him ANYWAY, given that the alternative is almost infinitely worse. McCain will be too busy doing other stuff to take away our guns, put dealers out of business and close ranges, etc. Anyhow, he’s not so inclined that way, even if he’s not the type to push for repeal of the ’34 NFA, ’68 GCA and ’86 full auto ban. Those battles we’ll have to wage in court, or hope that a more conservative person gets in in 2012 or 2016 – at least then we’ll still have guns and a gun culture.

    In summary, if you care about guns at all, vote AGAINST BHO by voting for McCain.

  2. Just to make sure it’s known – The more I read the author I linked to (J.D.) the more I realize I probably missed the point he was trying to make which is – we’re screwing ourselves over with the politicians we’re electing, this is only ONE part of the problem.

    He’s actually a very, very liberty minded guy from what I can tell.

    However, what you say remains true – Obama is NOT a 2A supporter, never has been, and while he might not personally go after guns, he wouldn’t even blink about signing a gun control bill that slides across his desk. He wouldn’t act as a stopper to more violations.

    McCain, I at least have some faith that he’d not sign stuff, but then again I assumed Bush wouldn’t either and was wrong about that.

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