Does Alaska Even Have Anti-Gun Legislation?

I asked Bitter if Alaska even has anyone who would dare introduce gun control bills after reading this story this morning.

Hundreds Turn Out to Protect Gun Rights

It was standing room only at the Soldotna Sports Center last night as many from the Kenai Peninsula attended the rally of the Second Amendment Task Force of the Kenai Peninsula. Even the presenters discussed the turnout, including Bob Bird of Nikiski. He was gratified with the turnout. He explained to the audience that the rally was not called as part of the National Rifle Association, or as part of the Gun Owners of America. Those speaking at the rally wanted to relay the message that there is a reason Americans should be concerned that the freedom to keep and bear arms is being threatened.

It’s great to hear about pro-active gun owners.

4 thoughts on “Does Alaska Even Have Anti-Gun Legislation?”

  1. No, we don’t have any anti-gun weenies here. No permits are required to carry concealed, if you’re over 21 & legally able to purchase a gun.

    At a Second Amendment rally in Fairbanks, last month, Rep. Don Young (R-AK) spoke while packing a pistol.

    I love living here, where personal liberty is still a fact of life.

  2. I believe the bill to remove the license to carry requirements in Alaska was introduced a democrat. I’m so jealous.

    Here in Georgia, not even Republicans would try that.

  3. “Hundreds Turn Out to Protect Gun Rights”
    Well, in Alaska, I guess that constitutes a majority.

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