Obama Talks to Smerconish About Guns

And look what he says:

“I do believe in some gun safety measures — so, for example, with all the shootings in Philadelphia, most recently police officers, I want to make sure that we can trace back guns and bullets that are used in crimes back where they were purchased, so we can make sure that in fact the laws are being enforced.”

That has to be music to Russ Ford’s (of ammunition coding systems) ears.  We have to defeat this guy.  I don’t care what the polls say.  Get out there and start volunteering for McCain.  We have to stop this here.  If we don’t, there might not be any stopping it once Obama gets the political winds blowing against us.  We could be in for some dark days.

7 thoughts on “Obama Talks to Smerconish About Guns”

  1. Voting for Barr would be the worst thing we could do right now. This is not over until it’s over, and don’t believe the polls. Definitely don’t trust the media.

  2. Bill Clinton and his wife did so much more to abuse his powers as the governor of Arkansas than Sarah Palin and her husband ever did to abuse her powers as the governor of Alaska did by firing this one guy, not that the mainstream traditional media ever bothered investigating the Clintons like they’re doing to the Palins now.

    Sebastian is right – this is not over, don’t believe the polls, and don’t trust the mainstream traditional media.

  3. Troopergate is a fabricated scandal made explicitly for the purpose of harming Palin’s chances.

    Guess what, she has political enemies in AK. This particular report was produced by a prominent Alaskan democrat who has publicly supported Obama and publicly promised an “october surprise” on Troopergate. He intended for this report to have been issued on Oct 31, but that plan fell through.

  4. Fabricated or not, the media is playing this in such a way that the average Joe is not going to be aware of the actual report conclusions: that there was no wrong doing in the firing of the trooper. However, I agree with Phil — this October surprise is the nail in the McCain coffin.

  5. There is absolutely nothing immoral or politically incorrect (Racist) if a person chooses not to vote for Barack Obama. I am tired of the “Liberals” trying to lay a guilt trip on anyone that doesn’t agree with their views.

    “Racism is a two way street” and there is no reason to be apologetic or remorseful about voting along with ones personal conviction.

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