ACORN Needs to Be Prosecuted

Conspiracy to commit voter fraud is a felony in most states.  This kind of crap needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  I don’t want to see timid Republicans and Democrats on this one.  Go after them.  Put them in jail.  No less than the health and integrity of our Republic is at stake here.

4 thoughts on “ACORN Needs to Be Prosecuted”

  1. Nothing will happen to ACORN. The Liberals will dump millions into their defence.

    Is anyone surprised that this happened? I am not.

  2. ACORN will just say”Well, some people got, uh, creative to get more money from us but we never told them to do that.” Unless the seized records include some stupid admissions.

    And if something proveably criminal does come up BHO will just say “I didn’t know the outfit I paid 800k to was a subsidiary of ACORN, who checks stuff like that or notices it when being a [paid] lawyer for ACORN?”

  3. It’s not going to happen — and forget the liberals. The joke known as the Bush DOJ is the reason. The DOJ has no sense of priorities. We’re at war, but they don’t much care about that, to judge from the America Taliban and Lynne Stewart cases (among others), or their arguments before the SCOTUS. Granted, they’re not malicious — we could have Reno again — but they’re idiots. Easily the weakest, most incompetent part of Bush’s admin.

  4. Sadly, you’re all probably right. They will be allowed to get away with this. The Republicans worst enemy is often their own stupidity, and poor sense of self-interest.

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