The Reasons for The DC Gun Ban

Ahab covers it here:

Read that very carefully.  They knew that the gun ban wouldn’t work, but they passed it anyway because they wanted to “start a national trend”.  It’s a perfect example of how the anti-gun mindset works, start small and spread.  DC wanted to impose their style of gun control on the entire nation; even today they still want to do that.

It’s never been about crime control.  Read the whole thing.

4 thoughts on “The Reasons for The DC Gun Ban”

  1. I see what you mean, if Gun Control really works as the Gun Control people want us to believe, then how do they explain that Washington, D.C. which has the strictest gun laws in the nation, also has the highest murder rate in the nation.

    Hard as it may be to believe, but thanks to the D.C. gun laws, Iraq is actually a much safter place than D.C. itself.

    Hitler believed in Gun Control, why? because he knew that gun registration would make it easier to confiscate guns from civilians.

    Hitler confiscated guns from Jews and others under the guise of Gun Control and well we know whatelse he did.

    The Democrats go around claiming they are not trying to take our guns, they just want more restrictions, well in reality they do wanna ban guns, Janet Reno by her own admission said that registration is the 1st step, confiscation is the ultimate goal.

    To anyone reading this, if you favor freedom, don’t vote Democrat in 2008.

  2. If guns can be banned because someone might be killed, even though millions are owned for the protection and comfort of law abiding citzens, how about asking all Musulms to leave the country because a very few might try to kill someone, even though most of them are good law abiding citzens?

  3. or how about confiscating genitals because some people rape? Do it for the children.

  4. Prior restraint, eh?

    (But it’s the second amendment, not the first… of course prior restraint can be used. It For The Children ™


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