“I’m An NRA Member, And I Support Obama”

You have to admit, it takes a lot of guts to get up in front of a whole country, and admit that you’re a fool.

UPDATE: This guy isn’t fooled:

You know, I’d love to believe that Obama is cool with guns and hunting, but when the nation’s largest and most radical group that wants to ban hunting thinks he’s peachy, it makes this middle-aged redneck think that maybe Barack is full of B’crap and his “pro gun/hunting” spiel is just another con job spun by the King of Obfuscation. But that’s just me.

Any hunters who trusts a Chicago politician from Hyde Park to look after his interests is nuts, to say the least.

UPDATE: Of course, that’s not stopping Ray Schoenke from trying to convince hunters that cuddling up with the environmental lobby that wants to ban their ammunition is the way to go.  Let’s not also forget that AHSA has endorsed Obama, who is also endorsed by HSUS, who want to ban hunting.  Some hunting group eh?

7 thoughts on ““I’m An NRA Member, And I Support Obama””

  1. I still find it amusing that the two “obama is pro-gun” ads I’ve seen/heard (this one, and Shoenke’s) neither of them have actually been about guns. Obama can’t even devote an entire ad to maintaining his “support” for the second amendment. He’s trying his best to play it like it isn’t an important issue. That should tell you something. To me it just feels wrong.

    Of course, I’d like McCain to come out with a pro-gun ad, but that won’t likely happen either. McCain’s warchest is a kinda barren compared to Obama’s, which is why I’m sure McCain is happy to let the NRA do all of the attacking of Obama on this issue.

  2. That’s been Obama’s strategy all along “I support your second amendment rights. Look! A bank failing!”

    It makes sense for him. He doesn’t want this to be an issue because he wins on the economy. To the extent that it is an issue, he loses.

  3. Obama’s claim to be pro-2nd Amendment is so absurd that it’s almost not worth discussing. What’s even more absurd is that we’re supposed to believe a clearly anti-2A mass media who vouches for him.

    Fortunately, history didn’t start in July 2006. though you’d think so by the way the issue is treated.

  4. Hey, isn’t Michael Moore a lifetime member as well?

    I mean, $750 is pocket change for most politicians. (Of course, I’ll be paying mine off over the next 10 yrs.) I am sure that the Left has dozens of NRA lifetime members who absolutely hate guns. Just for these rolls.

    Granted, I am also sure they can find a few midwest union guys would are hunters but union members first.

  5. Hunting don’t mean a thing. If you were well-connected you could go hunting in the Soviet Union. I’m sure Castro also enjoys his wingshooting outings – he was an avid hunter too.

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