Sportsmen for Obama

I would have thought we gun bloggers should have crushed this meme successfully, but we haven’t.  Look a this.

Today, our campaign announced the membership of our Pennsylvania Sportsmen and Sportswomen for Obama Steering Committee.  Avid hunters and anglers from around the state, the committee members lauded Obama for his understanding of and respect for Pennsylvania’s hunting and fishing traditions and his strong record on conservation.

Oh, you mean protecting hunting and fishing by shutting down most of this Nation’s gun shops?  Or by screwing pistol hunters by banning their firearms?  Or by banning all semi-automatic firearms?  Is that how he supports hunting and fishing?  By voting against a bill to prevent gun manufacturers from being sued out of business by cities like Obama’s home of Chicago?

Let’s see who the Democrats are who are going to actively help dupe their fellow Pennsylvanians into thinking Barack Obama is their friend:

Frederica (Freddie) Antram, Paul Antram, Michael Aumiller, Arnold Brion, Robin Cole, John Fetterman, State Rep. Marc Gergely, Scott Harrison, Terry Havener, Kenny Jackson, Jeff Knisely, Richard Lanzoni, Tom Maglicco, Steve Naylor, Joe Rossi, Brian Stoltz, Dominic Surra, State Rep. Dan Surra.

These are individuals and politicians who are putting party above principles.  Let’s make sure that no one buys the snake oil they are selling about Obama.

15 Responses to “Sportsmen for Obama”

  1. Jeff says:

    I have been a ahead of this sort of thing by working on aka Sportsmen for Obama?. I’ve had the url for almost 1.5 years, so their idea is not exactly new.

  2. I am a Sportsman for Obama. Marc Gergely, one of our leading gun rights proponents in the state of PA tells me that while not totally in agreement with our next President’s gun policy, believes that it is very mainstream with sportsmen in PA, which possesses a substantial population of hunters.

    I’m on board! I’m just a fishermen, but I support the right to bare arms and I support Senator Obama!

    I knocked doors in McKeesport today for about 6 hours, I found a majority of white male voters I spoke to prefer Senator Obama too. An interesting trend that will proabably spell the end of his opponents run.

    Peace in our time,

    Paul “Sluggo” Shelly
    McKeesport City Council
    Chairman, Mon Valley People for Hope

  3. Gary says:

    Anyone who thinks Oboma is a second amendment rightist is blind. He is just another politician throwing the ol bull. He is saying he is for the sportsman and target shooters. Well I hunt and target shoot with handguns and assalts. His track record in Il. shows that. Only a blind unsuspecting people see him as NOT what he really is. He is another fast talking politician Trying to make you feel safer by making more laws that ONLY law abiding people obey. They just try to put you in a false comfort zone. My comfort zone is my 45 by my side.

  4. r says:

    Obama is the only choice for sportsmen. Anyone who thinks otherwise is missing the point. As per usual.

  5. Sebastian says:

    And what point is that?

  6. Rick says:

    With the aid of the earth mother, liberal dweebs and a whole dandy batch of new left america haters…

    Mom Stanley’s boy, our noble Hussain mandingo, can ATTEMPT to disarm the populace in preparation his vision of the future to be imposed.

  7. James says:

    I have been an avid bird hunter & fisherman for 30+ years, & I can say with 100% coviction, that you “Right Wing, Republican, Whack-Job, Nazis” are the biggest f-ups & danger that has hever been posed to the outdoorsman.

  8. Sebastian says:

    Lets see how much you enjoy bird hunting when you’re not allowed to have guns or ammunition anymore. That is if you really are a bird hunter. What types of birds do you hunt? What kind of guns do you use? Please, Inquiring minds want to know.

  9. Sebastian says:

    And FYI — I’m not a Republican.

  10. Sebastian says:

    And I’m pro-choice and pro-gay marriage. Maybe you should go stereotype somewhere else.

  11. joeblow says:

    ah, more paranoid rambling from the paranoid gun owner set. good thing there are just as many of us not-paranoid gun owners who don’t buy the NRA fear politics and aren’t afraid that we won’t be “allowed to have guns or ammunition anymore.” i own plenty of guns, am a die-hard big game hunter, and i have no fear whatsoever that the Democrats want to keep us from owning guns. how moronic (and paranoid) can you be to believe that?

  12. Sebastian says:

    If after reading all that information and looking at Obama’s record on the Second Amendment, if you still think the O-man is anything other than a dyed in the wool gun hater you are either deluded at best or a tool at worst.

  13. Brad says:

    I would be scared, but Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter already had all firearms banned…..wait… say they didn’t?

    Our wildlife conservation agencies, including liberal pet projects for endangered species, are highly funded by sportsmen-conservationists. Every politician who has ever looked at a nat. resource agency budget knows that, and will act accordingly.

    While it’s important to be vigilant about Second Amendment rights, this “30 years of fear” is getting old. As a life-long hunter (deer, birds, rabbit; shooting Rem270-12ga, Beretta Pintail 20ga, Win70-270, Mossb935-12ga) who has hunted in 16? states, it is time to get away from this “hands off of all guns” nonsense and instead, use the full strength of the NRA and NSSF to pursue REAL penalties for criminals who use guns.

    Besides, you can’t legally hunt deer with a semi-auto rifle in PA, anyway, right? I haven’t hunted there in 5 years or so, and have always gone with the trusty Win70-270win. LOOK – I understand the importance of precedent (not allowing legislation to ban ANY guns) but seriously……”He’ll take all our guns if he has the votes?” WTF.

  14. Sebastian says:

    So hunting is the only shooting sport that matters in your mind? Keep in mind that Pittman-Robertson funds, which are on our rifles and ammunition as much as yours, pays for a significant part of North American wildlife management, in addition to maintenance on public shooting ranges. You throw me under the bus, because I shoot my AR-15 in high power, you throw us all under the bus, including hunters.

  15. J Smith says:

    I am amazed that anybody who claims to be a sportsman would vote for Obama. This guy is the poster child for anti-gunners.
    But then again, I am amazed that anyone who isn’t a sportsman would vote for Obama. Remember, socialists are not big fans of people owning firearms.


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