Hey, It Worked For Me!

Glenn Reynolds points out, in trying to explain why there are more male political bloggers than female:

Men are genetically programmed to try to stand out through action, in the hopes of attracting women. It’s true, of course that blogging is a relatively ineffective way of doing that — but so are many other ways this urge manifests itself, like extreme Star Trek fandom. The point is the genetically programmed urge, which isn’t programmed into women in the same manner. Is this true? Beats me, but it’s amusing.

Ilya Somin suggest this wouldn’t be a very efficient way to find women:

Since political blogging reaches an overwhelmingly male audience, it probably isn’t a very efficient way to attract women. It may not be quite as irrational a dating strategy as trying to attract women through “extreme Star Trek fandom,” but it’s probably less effective than checking out to Ladies’ Night at the local bar. If you spend a lot of time blogging, you probably could have devoted that time to other activities where meeting women would be more likely.

Speak for yourself gentlemen, but it worked for me.  Bars might be an easy way to get laid, but going after female bloggers you like is a far better long term strategy.  And what better way to attract them than by starting a blog yourself?