Best Blog Icon Ever

I love this guy’s blog icon.  It goes so well with the title.  Since my pseudonym has its roots with a certain baroque era composer, I wish I could have thought up something this good.  Of course, I think Beethoven probably has better public recognition than Johann Sebastian Bach.

4 Responses to “Best Blog Icon Ever

  1. Matt says:

    You know what.

    Let us all sink……..

    It is time for…….

  2. Fitzroy says:

    Thanks, Sebastian. I’m glad the icon speaks to you. I always thought classical music needed a more robust image.

  3. Robert says:

    And, as a bonus, since Beethoven was deaf, he didn’t have to wear hearing protection, thus no flinch, or much less of one.

  4. B Smith says:

    Oh, I don’t know…in my circles, Beethoven and Bach are often mentioned one-two…though admittedly not often. And the Goldberg Variations got a bit of popular attention recently due to the character Hannibal Lechter’s affinity for it. Though the preference of a cannibal, however cultured, might not be the best recommendation.
    And, just a thought here…I sincerely hope no-one associates you with Sebastian Bach, of Skid Row infamy… :-)