We Need to Get Active

With Obama looking like he’s getting a boost from the economic crisis, we have to work harder than ever.  I know people like me get on this bandwagon every election, but this one really is the most important election we’ve faced in my life time.  Obama makes Bill Clinton look like a saint on guns, and an unapologetic capitalist.  Most of us remember how bad the Clinton years were for gun owners.  Heller won’t save us if Obama fills the numerous vacancies on the federal courts with people who will interpret it away to essential meaninglessness.

What the Pelosi/Obama/Biden Democrats are hoping for this election is that they can find a winning formula, without having to dump their gun control constituencies outright.  I can promise you the Brady Campaign is frustrated they are being stuffed in steerage for the entire election, but the Democrats are not abandoning gun control.  If they win this November, it will tell them they don’t have to actually support the Second Amendment to win.  It will tell them that all they have to do is pull the wool over those bitter, gun clingers eyes enough that they won’t check to hard to see what’s really behind the curtain.  It will make them think NRA is a paper tiger if they can’t defeat the most anti-gun presidential candidate in American history.  None of these things will be good for us.  They will, in fact, be disastrous.  The sour economy is going to mean the federal coffers have less money in them to pay for Obama’s programs.  Can you think of something Obama could focus his energies on that wouldn’t cost a lot of money?  I sure as hell can, and is scares the hell out of me.

Please, if you do nothing else this election, contact your NRA-EVC and volunteer just a few hours of your time.  Even if it’s just placing yard signs, doing a precinct walk, helping out with a phone bank.  Bloggers are definitely stepping up this year.  For those of us volunteering, we need all the help we can get, even if it’s just an hour.  It makes a big difference when the voting time starts.

11 thoughts on “We Need to Get Active”

  1. Yeah, without an EVC it’s going to be tough. Once you get involved more, maybe you’ll feel comfortable taking the job yourself. It’s not that difficult to do. I’m naturally not an outgoing person, but I can do it.

  2. If you can’t contact an EVC, contact your favorite candidate and offer your support. I am sure they can use you.

  3. Yes… don’t be afraid to go directly to the campaigns of your EVC is a deadbeat :) Make sure they know you’re a gun guys though. They need to know where their bread gets buttered.

  4. The NRA might not defeat the most anti-gun candidate ever because he’s running against a Republican who’s weak on the 2A as well.

  5. There’s something to be said for that, yes. But that won’t be the meme. The meme would be that NRA couldn’t even sow up the Republican primary.

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