Maybe DiFi’s Pissed …

because the DC gun law reform bill didn’t include a provision to let her carry concealed.

2 Responses to “Maybe DiFi’s Pissed …”

  1. PolyKahr says:

    For years I wondered how someone who has a permit, and presumably carries, could desire to ban guns. After all, if guns were banned, then such a person would be left with no defence. But then I realized that these people do not see themselves as under the laws they would write for the rest of us. They are special, philosopher kings as it were, who are above the law. They of course can be trusted with a gun, and besides, they have enemies. But the little people can not be trusted- obviously. Blood in the streets and all that.

    I saw the same thing at work with people who advocated for anthropological global warming. These people would drive up in a big SUV, and then spout about how everyone else driving an SUV was leading to catastrophic global warming. Once again, the anointed ones are not under the same laws as you and me. Their specialness even abrogates the laws of physics. Bah.



  2. Hal says:

    Hey PolyKahr,

    Do you know who else typically likes to govern like that, that is, to prohibit all sorts of things and activities to the masses, all while happily partaking of the same for themselves? Communist dictators, that’s who. It’s one set of rules, circumstances, and accomodations for themselves and possibly also some of their family members and underlings, and a completely different set for everyone else.

    Mao Zedong of Red China was one such dictator. He had a personal physician named Li Zhisui, who revealed Mao’s long-term glaring hypocrisies in a 1994 book entitled, “The Private Life of Chairman Mao”.

    Here is just one example to illustrate:

    This book I refer to above is where for the first time it was revealed by Li Zhisui that Mao Zedong was very fond of throwing lavish dance parties for himself, ones in which he had many young and pretty girls selected and coerced into attending. Meanwhile, Mao Zedong had all such similar dance parties and all other forms of dancing banned completely all throughout China. This was during the time that is historically known as “The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution” of 1966 through 1969, a time of so much oppression in China, it nearly resulted in mass civil war.

    Of course, Red Chinese citizens back then had no rights or freedoms to keep and bear arms, just as they do not now. It can only be imagined how different Red China might be today otherwise.