Hazel Township Still Fighting

Hazel township is still insisting that it’s ban on firearms in local parks is lawful under the preemption statute in the Uniform Firearms Act.  Local park bans are actually quite common in Pennsylvania, despite preemption.  Hazel Township is far from the only political entity in this state who is guilty of violating it.

Firearms are presumably not allowed in state parks, due to DNCR regulations.  To the best of my knowledge that’s never been challenged.   But Pennsylvania does not generally prohibit firearms in parks, so local communities are preempted from regulating it.  Next step is a lawsuit, and they are collecting funds to bring one.

5 thoughts on “Hazel Township Still Fighting”

  1. Speaking of pre-emption does a valid CHL allow a holder to carry on public transportation like SEPTA in Philly. Just wondering if the guy who got whacked by the hamer-weilding maniac could carry and handgun legally for self-defense on the train.

  2. The only restrictions on places you can carry in Pennsylvania are court houses, and maybe primary and secondary schools (it’s a grey area). SEPTA probably does officially prohibit guns on their buses, trolleys, subways, and trains. But they are a government entity, so preemption applies. I carry on SEPTA regularly, precisely because of shit like the hammer wielding maniac.

    BTW, I will have some more information on said hammer wielding maniac later.

  3. Thanks I am working on something to submit for Buckeye Firearms Association and I want to verify SEPTA’s policy. Nothing on their website so I thought I would ask.

  4. I should note that I’m not verification. I just presumed they probably do because of how Philadelphia is. I have not actually checked.

  5. No problem I will word it such “assuming statewide pre-emption allows a valid CHL holder to carry on SEPTA trains”

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