Ohio Preemption Upheld

The Supreme Court of Ohio apparently has thrown out a local ban on guns in city parks.  I hope Hazel Township is listening to what’s going on next door, and will take the hint.

UPDATE: I’d like to thank NRA for giving credit where credit was due in this press release.  Quite often NRA is criticized, often justly, for not giving credit to other groups when they do good work on behalf of gun rights.  This helps.

One thought on “Ohio Preemption Upheld”

  1. I agree with the “NRA doesn’t give enough credit.” I like the NRA, but sometimes it bugs me when they go off on the “ONLY THE NRA COULD HAVE DONE ______.” NRA may be the best equipped to do things, but they are hardly the only group that can get laws passed, etc. Those sorts of things make it look (right or wrong) that NRA is more interested in getting members than making legal progress.

    NRA and the other groups need to do a lot more to work TOGETHER. I will say, though, that NRA is certainly not the worst in the this area.

    I support and am a member of the NRA. Meant as constructive criticism. :)

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