4 thoughts on “Chicken Little”

  1. I love the way they throw around the term “sniper rifle” as if it actually meant what they’re implying. Shows you how panicked these morons are over at the NYT. I live 20 miles from the outskirts of NYC and I get to own whatever rifle or pistol I want (within the confines of our local regulations). You don’t see us running around our streets with sniper rifles and assault rifles. Even Mike the Headless Chicken (go over to Tam’s blog) has more sense than these morons over at the Times.

  2. From the NYT editorial: “Under the lunatic logic of this bill, made to order for the gun lobby, such rifles [semiautos and snipers] could be toted around on the street fully loaded.”

    It would appear that the NYT, too, gets their substantive information straight from that forthrightful group known to us as the Brady Campaign.

    Is there no one who holds these people at the NYT and WaPo to the standard of truth-telling?

  3. The New York Slime staff is proving its members the quintessential idiots that they are.

    The only people who can hold these cretins accountable are its readers when they stop buying that fish-wrapper.

  4. Reads like something straight out of Pravda….sheesh….of course NYC is nearly as anti-gun crazy as DC is…Don’t worry New York City, after we take care of Chicago and San Francisco, you’re the next target of an NRA lawsuit…

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