EVC Activities

I’ve mentioned that I signed up to be NRA’s Election Volunteer Coordinator for my congressional district (PA-08), and we’ve been working on a plan.  Our job is to gather volunteers to help pro-gun campaigns, and to help get gun owners involved in the political struggle.  Since I’ve only had the title for a month or so, we’re just getting started, but we have a plan going forward for this election.

We’ve already established a web presence for gun issues in the 8th congressional district.  We’ve been identifying all the gun clubs and ranges in the district and near (more than a dozen), and have been looking at the gun show schedules.  We’re scheduled to appear at the Valley Forge Gun Show on September 20th in the morning, where we’ll be working with the EVC for the 6th and 7th congressional districts.  We’re also now starting to contact all the gun clubs in the area in an attempt to try to get the message out to gun owners in the county that this isn’t an election they want to sit out.  If all works well, we should have a healthy number of volunteers and involved gun owners to make a difference in November.