Why is the Philadelphia Daily News …

… even wasting ink printing nonsense like this:

If McCain wins, look for a full-fledged race and class war, fueled by a deflated and depressed country, soaring crime, homelessness – and hopelessness!

As SayUncle said, “And gun nuts are the crazy ones?” Up until now, I’ve thought the media wants Obama to win badly, but seeing how unhinged they’ve gotten lately, I’m left to wonder if they want him to go down in flames.  Might make for better headlines.

4 thoughts on “Why is the Philadelphia Daily News …”

  1. Well, if there is a “class war” (I’m assuming she means, in fact, “progressives” vs. us neadrathal conservatives) I say…bring it on! Remember, we knuckledraggers have most of the guns! ;o)

  2. Heh, kinda reminds me of a Saturday Night Live Weekend Update with the often hilarious Tracy Morgan:

    Tracy Morgan: Thanks, Jim! Well, Black History Month is half over, and what have we done to celebrate it? The answer: not much. Schools take a few minutes to talk about Martin Luther King, Denzel gets an extra movie on HBO, and that same ‘ol Harriet Tubman book goes back in the window at Barnes & Noble. That’s about it. Speaking as a proud African American, I think it’s time we made Black History Month count for something! It’s time we made it relevant! Important experience! Especially for the young people! My suggestion? Four simple words: all out race war! Y’see, an all out race war would make the man…

    [Tracy is cut short by a “Technical Difficulties – Please Stand By” graphic]

    Voiceover: We’re experiencing technical difficulties. Please stand by.

    Uh, the views expressed by Tracy Morgan do not reflect those of NBC, General Electric, or any of its affiliates.

    Now, back to the show!

    [cut back to Tracy at the Update desk]

    Tracy Morgan: [finishing his rant] …WHITE PEOPLE’S HEADS ON SPIKES! Back to you, Jim.

  3. The more I think about this the more I’m convinced that it is correct. All these people on the left react the most violently to anything they don’t agree with. They are always the first to smear, to call for surrender and to want others to give up their freedoms. Does anyone remember when Bill Clinton (ohh nasty) sent our troops into the Balkans? The leader of the senate at that time was Trent Lott from Mississippi, and was a usless son of a bitch, IMHO. He did however come out and call for unity for our soldiers and airmen. I don’t think a month went by before the demoncrates were calling for surrender and accusing G.W.B. and our troops of attrocities and war crimes. It has never failed with any Republician leader and never will.

  4. When Democrat presidents mobilize the military, it is NEVER for any type of objective that succeeds and/or even has a vital and strategic importance to the interests of the United States. This is what we can clearly expect from an Obama presidency.

    The Democratic ineptitude with military matters was clearly shown by Bill Clinton’s troop useless deployments to the Balkans and Haiti, as well as the fiasco in Somalia, which resulted in humiliation, death, and defeat for our military and this nation. Whenever the heat from his numerous scandals got to much to bear for himself, Bill Clinton would waste the Navy’s cruise missiles by having them fired at worthless targets in Iraq and Afghanistan, but then later he would try to say that he was tough on terrorists.

    Going back to the Carter presidency, Americans were held hostage over in Iran for 444 days while Jimmy Carter did almost next to NOTHING. Then, as the pressure mounted on him and he was hoping to get re-elected, Jimmy Carter authorized a hastily-prepared military mission to rescue those American hostages. We can now plainly see how badly that whole rescue operation got botched, which also resulted in humiliation, death, and defeat for our military and this nation.

    This is all because Democrats typically hold bitter contempt for the military and its personnel in general. The Clinton people let it show while they were in the White House with the type of nasty comments they made to uniform personnel. Jimmy Carter refused to allow the so-called “nuclear football” and its military handler to stay on his property in Plains, Georgia, when he would stay there himself. (They both had to get accommodations at a place over ten miles away.) Things such as this certainly do not indicate any signs of good working relationships, so how can anybody expect victory and success from such things?

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