Gunning for Obama?

I think Obama’s success has more to do with Hillary Clinton’s deficiencies than Obama’s own strengths. Both Obama and John Edwards lack political and executive experience. Of course, so does Hillary Clinton, but more importantly Hillary lacks the political talents of her husband, and carries all of his baggage too. But that’s neither here nor there. What I mean to bring up is a post from this blogger, which mostly speaks highly of Obama, but tripped over my google alert with this:

Can he still blow it? Yes, he can. The institutional Democratic Party, which has been behind Hillary Clinton, and which destroyed Dean with John Kerry, remains intact. America is filled with gun nuts, and any one of them could turn Obama into Martin Luther King Jr. at any moment.

No one doubts I have strong disagreements with Obama on the topic of guns, as do the rest of us here, but why the implication that us “gun nuts” are out to kill the dark ones? If anything, “gun nuts” have a much stronger disdain for Hillary Clinton than we do for Obama, but I don’t think any of us “gun nuts” want either of them dead. We don’t call people who would do that “gun nuts” we call them plain “nuts”, “murderers” or “assassins”, thank you.

7 thoughts on “Gunning for Obama?”

  1. Well said Sebastian. Since I personally am often called a gun nut & personally know many like-minded gun nuts, none of whom are murderers or assassins, nor have desires to become such, I can personally vouch for the fact that being a gun nut does not make one a murderer or assassin nor a want to be murderer or assassin.

    Saying gun nuts are murderers or assassins just because they like guns & freedom is akin to saying all people who love automobile’s are drunk drivers just because they all drive cars.

    Such a thought is obviously absurd which makes the author of that article a turd. :)

  2. “Gun nut” doesn’t particularly bother me. What does annoy the hell out of me, oddly enough, is the term “gun enthusiast”–as if the exercise of the Constitutionally guaranteed fundamental human right of the individual is nothing more than a hobby.

  3. Personally, I imbrace the term gun-nut. Take the power away from the label by adopting it as your own.

    I guess I’m also an amm0-nut, knife-nut, polished rock-nut, book-nut, exotic tea-nut and an old coin-nut.

    P.S. My mother is a bit of a salt-n-pepper shaker-nut.

  4. I think we’re all laughing our asses off that Obama is winning (so far).

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