Gun Ban Obama

Just in case you haven’t seen it on the numerous other gun blogs that have linked it, NRA-PVF has a web site up dedicated to setting the record straight on Barack Obama.

3 Responses to “Gun Ban Obama”

  1. Matt says:

    What a better way to control your subjects, then to take away there weapons.

  2. James says:

    Sorry, but the only way Obama or anyone else will get my guns is from my cold dead hands!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Levante says:

    If anyone ever witnessed a deer, hog, bear, or moose showing up at someones door armed to the max to enslave them, let me know so I can then agree with those who say the 2nd Amendment was only establised for hunting. You won’t of course, but what you will see is the horrific tyranny others have through-out history witnessed in Countries like Germany, Russia, Cambodia, Rowanda, and Darfur where unarmed civilians were slaughterd in ways unimaginable by well-armed Government Soldiers who happened to be human beings, NEVER LET THIS HAPPEN IN THE UNITED STATES, and UNLEASH IF NEED BE ON THOSE WHO TRY. ANY QUESTIONS BARRY!