Progressive Misogyny

They don’t call them the nutroots for nothing.  The lefty blogosphere has come absolutely unhinged since Sarah Palin was selected as the Vice Presidential pick.  Even other Democrats are noticing it:

A woman enters the presidential race and suddenly the progressive mission is to shame and mortify Sarah Palin, her children, her husband, and every woman who has ever found herself in a similar situation. And then no one will ever vote for Sarah Palin again because she’s a slut!?!?

I agree, it’s pretty atrocious.  And now the focus is shifting to Bristol Palin, and her pregnancy.  Rightwingprof has a lot more.  I also like this comment at TGW:

It really does get better. The “evidence” being trotted out for the pregnancy coverup is a family photo in which teenage Bristol is less than anorexically thin. “She’s got a pouch! Look at the hooters on that girl!” they scream.

Fellas? I’ve been pregnant and that’s not a pregnancy belly. It’s a normal female body. It’s obviously been a while since those internet-porn wankers have seen one.


One Response to “Progressive Misogyny”

  1. RAH says:

    This shows the truly sexist bias of the Democrats. How dare Palin agree to become a VP GOP candidate? So they proceed to make up scurrilous rumors and go from speculation to certainty in minutes without a scrap of evidence other than their own desires?

    Then when the Trig as grandchild idea got blown out of the water, they castigate Palin because of a mistake on her daughter’s part. Like Victorian males to shame and shut up females who disgrace them or dare to challenge male dominance. Also pushing the meme how dare a woman have children and be a Governor or VP?

    They think conservatives will shun Palin due to this family issue shows how totally they project their own feelings and ideas. Conservatives are sympathetic and are glad that the girl will marry and have the child. They do not blame the parent for the sin of the child. They know that all people sin, but it how they correct that sin is important.

    Democrats, not Republicans, have done all the racist and sexist demagoguery. They have no idea how sane people see this and view their venomous hatred of woman who fulfills the mythic idea of a frontier woman. She can shoot, cook, take care of a large family, hunt and be a good wife and run a state government. She is the perfect myth of a woman. Beautiful, competent and capable.

    Even the daughter’s pregnancy syncs with the frontier myth that the teenager at marriageable age anticipates the marriage and gets pregnant and will get married at 17.

    The husband is the classic male, a champion for four years at a grueling 2000-mile snowmobile race. He fishes and works on oil fields. Yet he supports his wife and takes care of the kids.

    Todd Palin is what every woman dreams about. A supportive partner who is a man.

    The Palin family fit into the American myth perfectly and that doesn’t even get into how many achievements this woman reformer who has challenged the bribery and corruption in the entrenched government and won. Then she challenges her own party incumbent and won. In 18 months she manage to achieve remarkable fiscal changes and streamline government and take the state from deficit to surplus. Gave more money back to the citizens. Most governors do not achieve what she has in 10 years that she did in 18 months.

    It is a shame that Todd or Sarah cannot challenge these scum to a duel and end the miserable lowlifes.