More on Laser Training

Thanks to Robb Allen for getting some video of me shooting at the shoot house, where Todd was training us on how to use a laser to make yourself a better shooter.  One of the major weaknesses in my shooting is breathing.  Locking my knees is a silhouette habit, where you’re more concerned with a stable shooting position than you are with recoil management.  But breathing is a problem.  It’s often I find myself missing a string of animals when I realize I’m laxing on my breathing discipline.  I’m totally amazed that Todd can see this just by looking at a laser.


I need to look into some Grecian Formula for Men or something, because I am pretty grey from the back.

5 thoughts on “More on Laser Training”

  1. Vanity is the Devil’s favorite vice (I just watched ‘Devil’s Advocate’ again last night on the TeeWee). LOL. Hair is such a pain. Do what I do and take a buzzer to it and shave it down to the scalp. No muss; no fuss. Extremely looooow maintenance.

  2. At least it’s gray and in existence -you can’t preemptively shave off what’s not there. In my experience women are much more concerned about whether it grows down you neck to meet your back, in which case the shaver must come out.

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