More on Service Rifle Competition

I mentioned in my last post about service rifle competition being a legitimate sporting purpose for AR-15s.  But if you have a G3, Kalashnikov, FN/FAL or what have you, you’re out of luck.  For NRA people that might read this: want to do the EBR community a big favor?  Create a class of competition for other military patterned rifles.  Why restrict it to just the rifles the US military uses or has used?

One thought on “More on Service Rifle Competition”

  1. Practical Rifle Shooting? Like IDPA but with semi-auto rifles would be a lot of fun. Of course, it would cause the bed-wetters to have fits as all those EBR were trotting around “simulating dangerous combat situations” or somesuch nonsense.

    Perhaps a competitive class for battle rifles would be in order. Take your Mosin Nagant out for some WWII action, engaging various targets from 30 to 200 yards, iron sights only.

    Actually, that would work for the semis as well. This sort of gives me a neat idea.

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