7 thoughts on “Calling Leni Riefenstahl”

  1. Good grief. Who cares. Find something substantive to hit Obama about. This is marketing, and it’s probably good marketing. Good marketing for bad products still sells bad products. God information beats bad products, not this stuff.

    P.S. Do some Google searching on Republicans who have done the same before you hammer someone else. Looks like Republicans might have done this in the past a time or two.

  2. Fair enough. Thanks for the reminder not to take things seriously. I can be such an un-humorous dbag sometimes.

  3. I actually legitimately am creeped out by a lot of the resemblance to some Obama material to Soviet propaganda. Not that I think Obama is Joe Stalin either, but I wonder about some of the people he’s hiring for this stuff, and how come no one in his campaign isn’t noticing this.

  4. Vat iss all dis uproar about der Furor? (Note clever paranomasia). Propaganda? No – if one does not consider the portrait shot of Obama with halo, or worshipful allusions of him as the “Second Coming.”

    I heard on Michael Medved’s radio show this afternoon that, despite all the complaints from the Obama camp about the Britney Spears/Paris Hilton add, the guy orchestrating Obama’s acceptance ceremony is actually the guy who did all the production work for – you guessed it – Britney Spears last concert tour!

    As they say. “You can’t make this stuff up . . .”

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