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  1. Thanks for the link.

    It was an interesting experiment. For all the talk of it, I have yet to find anyone who fired from their pocket either as a test or in an emergency. Till now, anyway.

    Now we know what is likely to happen!

  2. Hmmm, I don’t know if there’s any way I could get the right angle for a shot with my PF9 without raising my leg! Not a shot I wish to contemplate…

  3. It’s strange that you post this now, because I was wondering about this two days ago Literally, wondering exactly what would happen if firing a semi-auto from a pocket. Awesome:)

  4. From Carteach0:
    “Forming a generalized conclusion from very limited data, it seems that firing an auto from within a pocket is a recipe for trouble.”

    As a self-proclaimed expert in bad ideas, I’m going to go ahead and anoint pocket-firing as a really bad one.

    Not withstanding the apparent risk of getting an injury known as a “Glockxico” plus powder burns, it would seem like the difficulty of getting an accurate shot would alone outweigh the benefit of getting a shot off.

  5. Not to mention that fact that the muzzle blast would set your pants on fire if you touched off a .357 round inside your pocket.

    Less than a foot away from your toolkit, too.

    No thanks.

  6. Obviously it’s not an optimum shooting situation, but as I was walking home a few nights ago, with my hands in my coat pockets, on a dark street upon which there have been several muggings recently, I got to wondering about it. I suppose in some cases, getting off at least one shot quickly might be the only chance one has—say, if someone has a gun pointed at you, taking your hand out of your pocket might not be an option. Purely from a hypothetical standpoint, since I live in NJ and all I carry is a small folding knife.

  7. Pants were used in the testing for a few very good reasons.

    1) The blue jeans were a fairly tight fit, with a lining, so simulated a worst case scenario in firing from a pocket. Many jackets would present the same case.

    2) They cost $3 at Goodwill (g). Jackets cots $6.50.

    I would not and was not suggesting firing from a pants pocket carry. While the danger of fire is very small, there is the danger of shooting very important parts of your own anatomy!

    The point of the testing, as I explained in the article, was function. Would a pistol operate properly when fired from a pocket? I found some answers I can agree with.

    Is shooting from a pocket a desirable defensive solution? No, it’s not. But I can imagine situations that would demand it, without straining my imagination at all. As I posted…. sometimes a split second is all there is, when even a full second is just too long.

  8. As I commented on your original thread, firing from the pocket was one of the selling points of the Smith Bodyguard and Centennial models.

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