Like You and Me, Only Better

Or maybe not. Even city council members can become victims of the City’s bureaucracy. Seems back in 2005 City Council member Rick Mariano went up to the city hall tower and started acting oddly. It would seem he was upset about a pending federal indictment. Family decided it would be best if the Philadelphia Police took his guns, including the 9mm he apparently liked to wear on his ankle.  Only problem is, they sort of accidentally melted his guns down:

“It’s obvious this wasn’t supposed to happen,” said Lt. Frank Vanore, a police spokesman. “It looks to be just an error.”

Vanore said he was not aware of anyone’s being disciplined because of the error.

Mariano’s recourse? Vanore said the department told the family it could file a claim with the city and would be reimbursed for the destroyed guns, which included a Romanian AK-47 rifle. Vanore had no estimate of their value.

But it is LYMOB, because if that had been anyone else, they would have told them “Sucks to be you.” and made you sue them. I’ve heard of more than a few cases of people unable to get guns back from the city when the city had no lawful authority to hold them, and having to file lawsuits. And these are people who are found to have broken no law. Mariano is a prohibited person now.

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  1. That Romanian AK-47 rifle the Philadelphia cops “accidentally” melted down was likely a WASR-10, I’ll bet, and they go for anywhere between $450 to $600 these days.

    It’s definitely a politically-incorrect “assault weapon” though, as all AK-type rifles are, and one that Mayor Nutter and the other libtard gun-haters in Philadelphia would surely like to see banned by any means.

    Gee, why did Rick Mariano own such a rifle as this? I can only wonder now if he did support or would have supported Mayor Nutter’s efforts to pass preemptive gun laws in Philadelphia, one among them being a ban on rifles such as the WASR-10.

    Perhaps this is just further evidence of the LYMOB principle.

  2. I looked for that, but he’s been out of Council for a while. Before Nutter. The voting records don’t go back that far online, but looking through news articles, I don’t think he was a big gun control guy.

  3. Are you saying that even if they still had his guns, HE (Mariano) couldn’t claim them as he’s now prohibited from owning guns for life? Why? Was he convicted of a felony?

  4. Overload in CO:

    Democrat Rick Mariano, the former Philadelphia politician, was convicted in federal court of corruption, money laundering, fraud, tax and bribery charges for crimes he committed while in office going back as far as 1991. He got a 6 and a half year prison sentence for this last summer, I believe.

    Maybe it’s just me, but it always seems like this kind of thing just happens to big-city elected Democrats all across these United States – would the Clintons say that this is another part of the “vast right-wing conspiracy” too?

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