Last Day to Vote!

This is your last chance to vote in the contest between Joe Huffman and Caleb at Blackwater. The odds have gone from 100% in Joe’s favor at the beginning, hovering between 75% and 85% most of the time, now dropping to 70% as we approach the last day.

As soon as I see a post about the results, I’ll remove the poll.

UPDATE: The poll is now closed. Joe Huffman beat Caleb both in the poll and on the range.

5 thoughts on “Last Day to Vote!”

  1. Caleb tells a different story.

    Caleb beats himself. And congratulates Rob who came out the top winner in the shoot with the best time.

    posted by Caleb on Aug 24

    So much for the bet. I shot a raw time of about 46 seconds which would have been fast enough to beat Joe who shot a raw time of 49.89. Except for the part where i tagged a no shoot… and was smacked with a 5-second penalty. So joe wins the bet, and i owe him some 40. Of course it ended up not mattering in the grand scheme of things, because Robb shot a freaking 39 second run and absolutely destroyed all of us.
Well done Robb good job!

  2. It’s not a different story. Joe won on the range. Shooting “innocent” targets counts against your time, something that everyone there knew. I posted the full story over at the main Para coverage site that came from a report on the range.

    I’m sorry if you don’t like that I don’t feel the need to publish identical posts on what would be at least three blogs so far. I try to give things a little variety. If you don’t like it, complain to Sebastian so he’ll kick me off and throw me out.

  3. Gunbloggers that I read or know who are attending the Para USA shoot.

    All of them and then more.

    If I were to be partial to one of the two in the bet it would be Joe, he is closer to my age. But I identify more with Kevin or Dave, both from my state.

    My unspoken point in the first comment was that Caleb knew and took full responsibility for a grievous error in the shoot house that cost him.

    If that’s too much, well………………………..

  4. I don’t know why it’s relevant that you read the bloggers there. I personally know all of them there save the one who didn’t meet any bloggers or NRA folks at the Bash. If you think that reading them trumps my knowledge, well, I kinda organized the entire event that got them there in the first place. That’s not really a pissing contest you can win, and it’s entirely silly and irrelevant at that.

    There’s nothing about my posts and all of the coverage I have given to Caleb that favors Joe or takes away from Caleb’s performance. If you took the time to check out the main coverage page, you would see that Caleb’s post is not only there, but has been the top featured post for about 6 hours now.

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