Accuracy vs. Wind Tolerance

Joe Huffman looks at the issue, which is important in long range shooting.  Joe writes ballistic software for fun and profit, so he’s the blogosphere resident expert on exterior ballistics.

5 Responses to “Accuracy vs. Wind Tolerance”

  1. Joe Huffman says:

    “Profit” is measured in pennies per man-week. So it’s mostly for fun and the good of society.

    I was pleased to note that some .mil domains downloaded the spreadsheet today. If it helps a few of our solders reach out and touch someone deserving at long range it will have been worth it.

  2. Marty says:

    Joe, can you compare the results from your spreadsheet with the results output by the program available for download at for us?

  3. Sebastian says:

    Who do you think wrote Modern Ballistics? :)

  4. Marty says:

    The link near the bottom of the webpage makes it obvious who wrote Modern Ballistics. I asked for Joe to compare the spreadsheet output to the program output.

  5. Joe Huffman says:

    Sorry for the long delay in responding. I’ve been extremely busy.

    The spreadsheet allows you to easily compare two different cartridges/guns on what are, in many respects, completely different criteria to answer the question, “At what range should I switch from using the accurate but wind intolerant gun to the less accurate but more wind tolerant one?”

    Modern Ballistics will give you the same answer but you would have to really work at it to get it.

    If I didn’t have higher priorities I would add the ability to easily compare different cartridges/guns to Modern Ballistics.