Get in on the Poll Before it’s too Late!

Don’t forget that over at the Second Amendment Blog Bash site, we have a poll up through the end of the weekend at Blackwater on who will win the big shoot-out – Joe Huffman or Caleb.

So far, 86% 78% 81% of voters think Joe will win the bet. If you think Caleb can out-shoot Joe, it’s time to get over there and make your vote count. If you think Joe will top Caleb, make sure you show him your support by voting.

Make this a memorable Battle of the Gun Blogs!

3 thoughts on “Get in on the Poll Before it’s too Late!”

  1. It’s on the right side. I’ll move it closer to the top. Now that I’ve added in the Tweets from Joe & JR, it got bumped kinda far down.

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