All Good Things Must End

Our time at Blackwater is at an end.  I am back in the hotel at Norfolk, Virginia.  I still have a few more posts to do on the experience, but I definitely want to send out a few really big thank yous for helping put this together:

  • Kerby Smith, Director of Communications for ParaUSA, who put this all together, and shot with us, with great skill, I might add.
  • Thanos Polyzos, CEO of ParaUSA, who supported our event, and was down there with us.
  • Todd Jarrett, who put together and taught the course wonderfully.
  • Michael Bane, who sent his film crew for DRTV and The Shooting Gallery.
  • Patrick Harlan, Internet Marketing Specialist for Crimson Trace who supplied us with laser grips.
  • All the folks at Blackwater USA, who were very good to us.  They run a world class training facility.
  • All the folks at Blackhawk, who supplied us with SERPA holsters that worked great for us on our weekend, and various other goodies we used on the range, and who drove us to and from in their bitchin’ bus.
  • Dan Smith of International Cartridge Corporation, who supplied us with all our ammunition needs, and is a great shooter, BTW.

Lots of other folks helped out, including Bitter, who didn’t make it.  Let’s also not forget the National Rifle Association, who by taking bloggers seriously, helped make the case for other folks taking us seriously.  I also want to thank Kerby and Michael specifically for creating a spot for the Blog Bash organizers, even though we didn’t make the voting.  I feel bad Bitter couldn’t make it.  I know Bitter feels bad she couldn’t make it.  And believe me, when I get back and talk to her about everything and how totally cool it was, she will definitely be sorry she couldn’t make it.

More to come about our weekend.

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