Culver May Pocket Veto Shall-Issue in Iowa

Iowa’s shall-issue bill was passed near the end of the legislative session so a pocket veto is an option. Culver is up for re-election in 2010, and this isn’t a good year to be a Democrat. You would think Culver would probably like some cover on the gun issue and will sign the bill into law. So says some folks in Iowa:

Schueller said he thinks the Democratic leadership might have been trying to garner support from gun-rights advocates such as the National Rifle Association, but he doubts it will pay off.

“Here’s my spin on it: the NRA is Republican, the NRA has been Republican forever, the NRA never votes Democrat. And if Gov. Culver thinks they’re going to start voting Democrat, I’ve got some swamp land I can sell him,” Schueller said.

Even if you think this is true, and it’s not — NRA has been happy to support Democrats — do you really want something else to fire up gun voters to get to the polls and vote for your opponent? This is going to be a tough year for Democrats. Republican voters are motivated to turn out. If the Governor is smart, he won’t let this become an election issue. He’ll sign the bill.

UPDATE: Currently on NRA News is NRA’s Lobbyist for Iowa, Chris Rager, and he’s asking people to contact the Governor’s office and ask that he sign the bill. It doesn’t sound like the Governor has indicated whether or not he’s planning to sign.

4 thoughts on “Culver May Pocket Veto Shall-Issue in Iowa”

  1. This bill includes recognition of all other states’ permits, so everyone with a permit who might travel to or through Iowa has a stake in this. Non-Iowa residents need to let Culver know that signing will bring in money from out of state.

  2. Yes, precisely, Hecate.

    Out of state visitors’ perspectives are very relevant here. I’m callin’ tomorrow.

  3. The NRA is not Democrat, they’ve even given “A” grades to democrats. They are pro-gun and will back any candidate that upholds their ideals.

    Here in Ohio (the land of RINOs – Republicans In Name Only), we have some very pro-gun Democrats, including our current Governor, who is far more pro-gun than Republican Bob Taft, his predecessor and a complete RINO.

  4. Culver’s dad went down to a humiliating defeat in the Senate in 1980. The son appears ready to follow the family tradition.

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