11 thoughts on “Humanitarian Aid”

  1. Well those should level the playing field a bit. I mean I am all for letting them fight their own battles, but if we can give them some stuff to help even out the sides I am all for it. Let me go dig around in the rifle closet and see what I can find lol.

    @Stormy Dragon….wrong group of people bud.

  2. Considering there were different groups of fighters in Afghanistan and Georgia already has a mostly functioning government, they are not exactly similar. Though, the Russians do have a number of ethnic and separatist militias on their side… that may be a problem.

  3. I think that a lot of those weapons were supplied by the Turks, and I would imagine that as a NATO member, Turkey has no problem getting Bushmaster rifles.

  4. They look like the m16’s we used to sell in South Vietnam. You know “never fired and only dropped once”. Looks like the Ruskies are also using their own version of Blackwater in that little conflict.

  5. So anyone we help is going to automatically turn on us? There’s no factoring of culture, inclinations, and history? I mean, maybe helping the Afghan’s defeat the Soviet Union was a good idea, maybe it was a bad one. That’s probably debatable. But it seems that a blanket assertion that anyone we help militarily will automatically end up that way is a bit simplistic, don’t you think?

  6. No, but it’s rash to describe a country who’s track record goes back only four years and who’s government hasn’t even had it’s first major hand over of power as a free state just because it’s government’s interest are temporary aligned with ours.

    I’ve seen very little coverage on how Georgian society tolerates free expression and association or how stable their government is. And the Bush administrations assurances that they value freedom doesn’t count for squat with me.

    So yes, color me skeptical as to whether they’re reliable enough to get ourselves entangled with.

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