Well, At Least We’re Not Detroit

I might complain about Mayor Nutter, but at least he’s not this guy.  Nutter I think is often misguided, but I don’t think he’s a crook.  That’s certainly an improvement over Philadelphia’s last Commander-in-Cheat.  Definitely an improvement over Detroit.  You know things are bad when even Philadelphians are saying “Damn, I’m glad I don’t live there!”

2 thoughts on “Well, At Least We’re Not Detroit”

  1. I thought Nutter actually came off very well in the NY Times piece on the future of black leadership now that Obama and his ilk have taken the leadership torch from the old civil rights warhorses.

  2. The biggest struggle inside the black community is no longer the issue of equality. It is the issue of corruption. Many inside the community are utterly without merit when it comes to ethical issues (Kwame Kilpatrick, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, William Jefferson). There are many good people in the community that are legit, but when they give scumbags I just listed a pass or defend (Think Mychal Bell- Jena 6), then they come across as crass hypocrites. To top that off, anyone who points out their transparent duplicity they attempt to label them as racists.

    They have got understand that this is something that cannot go on forever and that they will pay a price for it in credibility if they refuse to do something about it. hats off to those in the black community that are actually doing good, but until they separate the wheat from the chaff. They will always be lacking…….

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