5 thoughts on “Communist Party Endorses Obama”

  1. All of the America-haters worldwide want Obama to win this November – it was the same with John Kerry back in 2004.

  2. I really, seriously thought you were joking. I was expecting to click the link and see some sort of humorous picture, or satirical blog post.

    No, you were not joking at all. The commies are really endorsing Obama.

    That’s funny, really, except for the part where it’s not.


  3. Is Obama Like Hugo Chavez: Trying to Buy the Presidential Election?

    Obama repeatedly states he will tax U.S. businesses and higher income Americans to give “low income Citizens relief from paying taxes.” Relentlessly Obama states that if elected president, he will ask Congress to spend billions of your U.S. Taxpayer Dollars on a multitude of government programs for the poor. While that sounds humanitarian, Obama has failed to disclose how his “billion dollar spending programs” may cause widespread inflation, increase unemployment and weaken the U.S. economy—injuring the low income Americans he asked to vote for him.

    Compare the method and similarity between Obama’s proposed spending of billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars to help the poor and Socialist Hugo Chavez’s proposed programs in 1992 when running for President of Venezuela: You may decide if there is similarity.

    In 1992, Hugo Chavez was in dire need of votes to win the Presidential election. So Chavez promised the poor that if elected President, he would spend billions on welfare and social-programs to help improvised Venezuelans. Chavez said his government would pay for these programs—by taxing working Venezuelans and businesses: and the rest would come from oil sales. Hugo Chavez only then came from behind to win the Venezuelan Presidential election when huge numbers of poor that normally did not vote voted for him. Is Obama using “Hugo Chavez’s election strategy” to get elected U.S. President? Obama like Hugo Chavez, speech after speech, promises to spend—billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars on welfare and other programs for America’s poor—paid for by increasing income taxes against specific Americans and businesses? Like Hugo Chavez, Obama has successfully tapped millions of poor Americans to vote for him that otherwise might not vote.

    One must wonder if Obama has a clue about economics or running a business. Obama said he has an economic plan to help the U.S. economy. Then proposes increasing taxes charged against Americans and businesses’ income to pay for his proposed social programs: doesn’t that translate into more unemployment? Obama’s plan to reduce or eliminate investment tax incentives is synonymous with chasing away investment capital needed to start and expand businesses that otherwise would employ workers. Under Obama’s economic plan, retailers and other businesses could become dependent on an Obama inflationary welfare state for consumers thus creating inflation.

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