Experts in What?

Apparently “Experts” are saying what Europe clearly needs is tighter gun laws:

“The general trend is clearly towards stronger gun laws,” said Alun Howard, a policy director at the London-based International Action Network on Small Arms, part of a global network of organizations fighting the proliferation of small arms.

Oh, those experts.  They wouldn’t have a bias or anything, and pretty clearly they can point to many many studies that show gun control redeuces crime, right?

Gisela Kallenbach, a German Green Party deputy who steered the bloc’s upcoming legislation through the European Parliament, said some EU member states have been “very progressive” in restricting the availability of gun laws while others “still have something to do.”

Ah, yes, the watermelon experts.  Green on the outside, red on the inside.  Do we have a criminologist in the house?  Nope.

3 thoughts on “Experts in What?”

  1. I can still remember a time back when many of the gun grabbers here in America were often saying that the chief reason that Europe has had a lower murder rate than America was because of all the strict gun laws there are over there.

    I used to also occasionally hear some visiting European tourist making boastful claims to this effect too.

    So now, the European gun laws all of a sudden are not strict enough according to these same types, all because some kid in Germany steals his dad’s legally-owned pistol and shoots up a school with it. So much for consistency, I guess.

  2. I thought private gun ownership was dead or for the most part dead in Europe in every country except Switzerland and the Czeck Republic. But Switzerland has registration and ammo limits. But I believe you can own handguns in those two countries. Which they then get bitched at about. In Europe there not going to go after Germany’s laws, there going to go after Switzerland and the Czeck Republic. And it will be from those EU scumbags. Your hearing it from me first.

  3. Wow, the Czech Republic liberalised their gun laws after kicking out the commies? Awesome, didn’t know that.

    Because the only way Europe could get stricter with gun laws is to adopt something akin to what the USSR had.

    Europe has less crime because it’s more culturally homogeneous, it has a social safety net, and greater social cohesion than the USA. Europeans have had such a long history of horrific wars that knee jerk pacifism among the young is kind of the default, and the stupid gun-banning mindset usually comes with that. If increased Muslim immigration coincides with increased crime (not saying it will, just saying if), especially violent crime, the Europeans may be forced to re-think their position on guns. Maybe.

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