What We Did Yesterday

We went to the Antietam National Battlefield Memorial Illumination.   One candle for every fallen soldier during the battle.  It’s amazing.  Five miles of fields full of candles placed a yard or two apart.  It’s quite stunning.

Bitter has the pictures.  The first one was hers, the last one mine.  You’d be surprised the number of people who were taking flash photos, which will never turn out.   I used Bitter’s camera because you can adjust the exposure time and the aperture manually.   I’d love to be able to go wander around with a tripod, because there were a lot of other good photo opportunities that just weren’t going to be had from a car.  I think our pictures were pretty good for just propping the camera up against the car, and using a four second exposure.

2 thoughts on “What We Did Yesterday”

  1. Some people don’t know how to turn the flash off because they don’t have the manual… Or the camera is too cheap to have a way to turn off the flash.

  2. And some point and shoot type cameras have no way to manually adjust the shutter time, but will automatically increase the shutter if you use the flash. Your film may never pick up the flash, but it still has a longer exposure that can make a picture turn that never had a chance otherwise.

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