Mexico Once Again

The LA Times is falling for it too:

High-powered automatic weapons and ammunition are flowing virtually unchecked from border states into Mexico, fueling a war among drug traffickers, the army and police that has left thousands dead, according to U.S. and Mexican officials.

Except that high-powred automatic weapons aren’t something you can just waltz into a gun store or gun show with a straw buyer and get your hands on.  This narrative has been repeated in so many papers, presented in the exact same manner, you almost have to believe they are using a template of some sort.

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  1. you almost have to believe they are using a template of some sort.

    Given the quality of journalists these days, and their joy for fearmongering (especially when it comes to firearms in general and EBRs in specific), it would not surprise me greatly.

  2. “High-powered automatic weapons and ammunition are flowing virtually unchecked from border states into Mexico, fueling a war among drug traffickers, the army and police that has left thousands dead”

    What about the drugs that flow unchecked into our border states? I am always astonished at the media’s absolute hubris and willful blindness about this entire endeavor. The war among the army and police in Mexico is the one in which both sides fight each other over their payroll from the drug-lords. This is a great example of what happens when a nation descends into corruption.

    Mexico needs to dissolve its Constitution and sell their country to the highest bidder. They are so lost it wouldn’t hurt them in any way.

  3. I would put good money on corrupt Mexican military sources providing the lion’s share of the illegal arms to the cartels. Hell, there are posters up all over northern mexico to recruit military people into the cartel security forces. Those zeta guys are former government commandos that work for the drug gangs now. There is just no way these guys are relying on the relatively small US supply.

  4. No disrespect intended, but if — when reading this sort of pop management — it ONLY causes you to ALMOST believe that it’s a template of some sort, then you’re WAY behind on your Social astuteness. (I’m a first timer here, so please forgive my possibly rudeness…not intended in the LEAST).

    I read your “reasoning concerning methodology for & commitment necessary for a GENUINE resistance of the Fed overreach” blog, & found it EXTREMELY LEVEL HEADED and exemplary of wise counsel.

    But, that said, nonetheless, if this Article’s premise that you’ve just referred to isn’t “the same’ole, same’ole” to you, and simply further confirmation of their complicity, then you REALLY do need to come to grips with the extent of, and level of “POP MANAGEMENT” (PROPAGANDA) that has become the BASIS of almost ANY Journalism in these sadly misallied{sp?} States.

    The last two Administrations have perpetrated one of the most subtle (RIGHT OUT IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES, TOTALLY COVERED BY JOURNALISTIC DOUBLESPEAK), and horrendously total power assimilations (UNITARY EXECUTIVE, no less?!?) of modern governance since the 1930’s. And, such Articles, (that so completely confuse the genuine issue, or obscure the ACTUAL issue), are simply the INTENDED, and YES, the “TEMPLATE” of Journalistic reasoning & purpose.

    While many citizens DO realize that there are SERIOUS problems confronting our Society, they (due to the very reasoning that you point out in the blog to which I referred) just have a VERY DIFFICULT TIME actually believing that a neo-fascist State is being elaborately & insidiuosly erected & established, one Law & EO at a time…until an “emergency” can be a sufficient “trigger” to propel the STATE into UTTER control.

    And, it is MHO that that very “emergency” is close at hand…waiting patiently in the “wings” so to speak…and your point concerning the potential collusion of Govt.s with the “illegal gunrunning” FROM north, TO south is [b]VERY VALID[/b]…[b]IF[/b] in fact that [b]WAS[/b] your intended insinuation…

  5. A quick clarification: I’m referring to BOTH the Clinton AND the Bush Administrations.

  6. Greyman — I was being sarcastic. It’s definitely a story based on a template. The question is, who’s template? My money would be ATF is floating the story because they want more funding from Congress to address this “problem”

  7. “…you almost have to believe they are using a template of some sort.”

    You mean they’re NOT?

  8. O.K., yeah, I can go with the ATFaggots playing games with our lives…but then, I ALSO see a STRONG possibility, (just spent 6 mos. in Mexiland, and was there in the 70’s, eldest son born there), that the BP’s are being sold out…(avoided by inside intel), and someone’s making a bundle…PLUS, stiring up the pot (no pun), to cause enough instability to give rise to the acceptance of a need for “Inter State” assistance from our dear “ONLY thinking of YOU…we’re here to help!” Govt. Gee…ain’t they jes GREAT!?!

    Remember, China’s building relations with the Mexicalis, and a HUGE Port to boot, for their NEW & equally HUGE container ships, (hold 100’s MORE containers now)…and

    It would CERTAINLY be a MAJOR COUP if we had to assist Mexico…(and mebbe garner a couple’a barrells to boot?)…and pull their “fat” outta the narcotraficants’ fire! Yeah…this whole issue of OVERKILL statements, about “assault rifles” & “high powered automatic weapons flow {as if down a river?!?} VIRTUALLY unchecked…”…is that like in “virtual reality”?

    It STINKS to heaven..hopefully God’ll pull the plug on these idiot sevants writting this stuff! Or, better yet, on the ones PAYING them to!

  9. well, like ive said before, if mexico would build a wall, this would stop…

    i do not believe that there are tons of LEGAL full autos being exported… i wouldnt surprise me at all if there were a lot of converted full autos being exported.

  10. Can someone point to the relevant debunking material? I’ve read a few posts on blogs that say this myth has been regularly debunked, only to link to other blog posts that say that this myth has been regularly debuked.



  11. The National Firearms Act debunks the article. It’s virtually impossible to get a full auto AK-47 legally. There are few of them in the country in civilian hands, and those that are out there are in the hands of a few collectors. Certainly they are not making their way to Mexico from US gun shows.

  12. SAB & Steph, you’re looking from the wrong angle, at the wrong target.

    FRIST off, they’re NOT getting their guns LEGALLY or from LEGAL SOURCES.

    SECONDLY, they don’t give a rat’s tail what the laws of America, or any other Country, say.

    LASTLY, there’s one of the biggest & best smuggling systems in the Global market, right outta the good’ole USA….and it supplies MANY MORE & MUCH HIGHER QUALITY than you even WANT to believe…to ANYone for the right price.

    AND, it’s run by members of SEVERAL NATIONALITIES, but ALL out of & from, and DUE TO the US Govt. Re-read Rev.18…and revisit the “Iran Contra Investigative notes”…RIGHT outta the WH! Hmmmmmmmmm….

    BTW, Mexico hasn’t “FALLEN into corruption”….Mexico was CREATED BY corruption, and has simply perfected it…with the willing help of some influential friends to their North.

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