3 thoughts on “It Took Twenty Years …”

  1. Ok,

    This report is really vague about what happened. Did the suspect flee the scene? What moves did the agent take in dealing with the suspect? Did he identify himself as an agent when this happened?

    I think the Brady Camp. needs to look before they leap in cases like this. There is still a lot of things unanswered concerning this incident.

  2. The only reason the Brady Camp would “look before they leap” is if they had any interest in accuracy. Why do you think they do? Their interest is in sensationalism, in effective propaganda. They’ve spent the past 20 years purposely misrepresenting Kellerman’s 43-to-1 study. Since then, they’ve graduated to issuing studies of their own, and just making up the numbers. Here’s an explanation of how they generated the entirely bogus issue of Texas CHL holders being responsible for more crime than non-holders:


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