Compare and Contrast

Yesterday we told of an elderly New Jersey man who shot an intruder in his home, and the County Prosecutor had indicated he might have to seek an indictment.  In Pennsylvania, we had a case of a concealed carry permit holder shooting an attacker.  York County District Attorney says:

Police and the district attorney say Fenitman used justifiable force, but it’s still hard to come to terms with, and he’s gone to a psychiatrist to help him deal with the emotions that come with taking a life.

And this was a case on the streets of the concealed carry permit holder intervening on behalf of a woman who was being beaten.  There’s something in the water in New Jersey, I’m telling you.

3 thoughts on “Compare and Contrast”

  1. Thanks for pointing this out, Sebastian. It underscores what an awesome responsibility carrying a concealed weapon is, and also illustrates the difference between the lawful, who are left with traumatic memories even when taking justifiable and lawful action, and criminals, who are remorseless and unrepentant.

  2. This is why I filter my water… Seriously, I still don’t know if I would carry if I moved to a free state. I believe I have come to terms with it, but it is all paper empiricism until I shoot someone.

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