Carry Permit Holders

Someone pointed out that The Brady Campaign managed to corner the market on Carry Permit Holders as a search term. Well, not we in the gun blogosphere are getting our google-fu on.  Watch as we drive them down the list!  Robb is also getting his carry permit holder google-fu going.

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  1. i understand the need for you to have larger hunting guns because i realize that hunting brings food but what is the point of having semi automatic weapons and handguns

  2. Semi Automatic handguns help me to keep my family safe. A single shot hunting rifle might be a little too big or ineffective for the home defense application.

  3. Sam,

    How do you protect your family/self/home? To each his own, of course, I’m just curious.

  4. Sam… self-protection, in addition to sport. It’s pretty simple. I am an IHMSA competitor, in addition to someone who a concealed carry permit holder. Also, there are people who prefer to hunt with handguns because it’s a more difficult way to hunt animals. Handgun hunting is a lot like bow hunting. You have to be good at getting in close to the animal.

  5. I don’t go hunting in the grocery store, but a standard semi-auto pistol can prevent innocent people from being killed by thugs robbing a grocery store, which is why carry permit holders are valuable to society.

  6. […] UncleSaurus Google-Fu […]

    Semi-autos can usually be reloaded faster (not always tho).
    Semi-autos are often thinner and easier to carry in a holster.
    Some semi-autos are actually more reliable than some revolvers.
    A semi-auto rifle will usually cycle faster than can be done with a bolt action.

    Outside of hunting and self defense, in sport shooting the gun design can give you a slight advantage (this works for as well as against semi-autos).

  7. I am proud to be a Concealed Carry Permit Holder doing my part to drive the Brady Campaign down the list. There are other places I could think of I’d like to see the Brady Campaign go, but we won’t go there….

  8. I am also a Concealed Carry Permit Holder and also DAMM PROUD of it. And as far as the Brady Campaign they are slowly KILLING themselves with their lies. Now that you bloggers are bring out the truth with facts so more people can see right through their LIES. Keep up the GREAT work that you all do. THC

  9. That’s a great question, Sam, and I’m glad you asked.

    Hunting rifles for self-defense are dangerous to innocent bystanders, dangerous to the aggressor, and dangerous to the user!

    If you shoot a felon with a hunting rifle, the round will continue *through* the perpetrator and continue on with enough force to hurt other innocent people, even through a wall. We don’t want the felon’s choices to hurt anyone but himself.

    Hunting rifles are dangerous to the aggressor. If you use appropriate ammunition in an appropriate firearm, the round will enter the perpetrator, but not exit, creating only one wound. If you use a hunting rifle, it will create both an entry AND an exit wound. Most gunshot deaths result from blood loss; we don’t want him to die, we just want to stop him from killing us.

    Finally, hunting rifles are dangerous to the user for self-defense. We’re responsible for every bullet we fire, so we want to make sure we don’t cause bystander injuries or needless deaths of perpetrators. Using a hunting rifle for self-defense creates the possibility of needless injuries, deaths, and civil lawsuits.

    Those are the 3 reasons why we don’t use powerful hunting rifles for self-defense. If you have any more questions, Sam, let us know!

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