Daley Giving Up?

There’s speculation that he’s considering it, but I he’s playing games too:

Chicagoans with guns in their homes might be required to have insurance to protect taxpayers from frivolous lawsuits, he said.

“We’re talking about putting first-responders in a very, very delicate position of people being armed without being notified how many guns they have in their homes,” Daley said. “We have to be able to fashion a law that truly protects first-responders and protects the citizens.”

Requiring gun owners to have some ridiculous amount of insurance is not a new tactic.  But expect it, and others like it, to get dragged out of the basement and dusted off as politicians and gun control advocates look for new/old ways to discourage gun ownership.

5 thoughts on “Daley Giving Up?”

  1. Insurance? LOL! This an act of political desperation. I think he is feeling heat from his constituents who are starting see the light on this issue. I keep getting that type of sense from those in Illinois and California that those in the Soviet Union had before it crumbled. Parsing out freedom is always a bad move, and denying what people believe they have right to is a sure fire way to get trampled.

    This issue is a political loser through and through! I hope Daley challenges it, and comes out with egg on his face like the DC commissars are gonna have after HR 6991 comes through.

  2. Amazing that residents are responsible for damage that they do with their guns. That is standard liability insurance under the homeowners policy. Anyone can get a personal liablity policy. Clinton had one that covered the suit on sex act that State Farm paid off.

    Daley is smoking something to try and make it hard for residents to have handguns.

    Until registration becomes an issue in a lawsuit then registratiion will stay. This is important not to allow to become common usuage and traditional.

    But until a good case to come up that registration a right is unconstitutional it is better to fight this in legislatures.

  3. Please don’t expect Daley to ever, ever cave on gun rights. Don’t expect a compromise, either. He’s not accustomed to compromising, and works in an environment where he almost never needs to.
    Nor will he go the way of the dunderheaded Fenty, who took a bad gamble and lost. Daley is not a loser and won’t get in a spot where he might lose.
    When the dust settles, there will be almost no effective change in gun rights in Cook County or Illinois, if any. Furthermore, with the coming Obama presidency, all Daley needs to do is stall until his personally-manufactured President gets his hands on the veto pen.

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