J.C. Higgins Model 29 Assault Weapon

My friend Jason mentioned a .22LR semi automatic he used when he was a kid called the J.C. Higgins Model 29:


It’s got a 17 round tubular magazine. These were sold through Sears back in the days when Sears actually sold firearms. But “What?” You say, “That doesn’t look like an assault weapon.” Oh but it is! The State of New Jersey defines an assault weapon as any firearms with a magazine capacity greater than 15 rounds, or any detachable magazine that’s greater than 15 rounds. It’s not just a mere technicality. There have been people sent to prison in New Jersey for possessing one of these or similar firearms.

The powers that be in New Jersey are not kidding. They do not like gun owners, and do not believe you should own a gun. If my friend Jason were to take his model 29 over the river, they’d send him up the river. Next time The Brady Campaign, or anyone else tells you all they want are “reasonable gun control laws”, kick them in the nuts.

UPDATE: Thanks to Jason for providing a better picture than the one I was able to find online!

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  1. Where’s the bayonet, flash suppressor, banana clip, or the silencer? That is one mean looking weapon. At least they give you 15 rounds, some states only give you 10 rounds.

  2. Make sure you get a running start first, then kick them in the pants. It just like my fathers Browning BAR hunting rifle, I can not use that in Michigan for hunting due to the fact it is semi-auto. It only has five rounds in its detachable mag, but since its a semi they dont count that as a HUNTING gun, asked my family up their. They haven’t a clue why it is that way. All I know is that it sucks.

  3. Every time you post something like this, the commute from Easton to my work looks like less effort. Oddly enough, I like living in the People’s Republic … except for the taxes & the stupid gun laws. Both of which stem from the same place: contempt for the public.

  4. Some lawmakers and anti-gun folks have wised up to this one. The latest MD ban specifically exempted tube fed .22s that held more than 10 rounds (or was it 20? I don’t remember). Funny how .22s held in a tube magazine are not dangerous, and we don’t have to ban them, but put them in a banana magazine, and suddenly it’s a death spraying terror weapon.

  5. My Marlin 39M lever action holds 15 Long Rifle .22s in it’s tube magazine. But it holds 17 longs and 21 or 22 shorts. So my lever action is an assault weapon?

  6. I recently viewed a video that stated an assualt weapon is one that is fully automatic, a semi-automatic that has to have the trigger pulled to fire each round is not an assault weapon. The person in the video was a peace officer from a central Calif. city that had a noted weapons confrontation in the past few years.

  7. There’s actually no such thing as an assault weapon, per se. That’s a legal term invented by politicians. An assault rifle has the following features:

    1. Capable of select fire, meaning it can fire semi-automatically, or fully automatically through the positioning of a selector switch.

    2. Fires an intermediate power cartridge.

    3. Uses a locking breech

    If you don’t have one of these features, it’s not an assault rifle. For instance, an M16 is an assault rifle. The AR-15, which is the semi-automatic variant of the M16, is not. It’s just a rifle because it doesn’t have a selector switch that has a position for full auto fire. Likewise, a Thompson M1 might have a selector, but it fires a .45 ACP pistol cartridge, and thus is a submachine gun rather than an assault rifle. The Thompson also doesn’t have a locking breech.

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